• Dodge

    by Jane Roland

    I have no idea when I first met Dodge and his owner, Sibylle Bautz; it was many years ago when I was still working for the SPCA at their Benefit Shop on Forest Avenue.  When I became involved with AFRP and opened the first Treasure Shop on 17th Street, he was a frequent visitor.  Sibylle is a Rolfing Practioner who is considered to been amazingly talented and skilled, as she was trained as a physical therapist and naturopath.  Her knowledge of the human body has served Dodge well. He has been raised with care and knowledge.  Despite an ongoing ear infection he would visit cheerfully and accept the treats which Sibylle would surreptitiously slip to us.

    dodgeHe would plop himself down on the floor and there he would stay while his owner perused books.  It is impossible to believe, but this beautiful creature is almost nineteen years old and, until recently, had the demeanor of a much younger dog.  We love him dearly (as we do his mistress) and were distressed to learn that he had a cancerous tumor removed.  The prognosis is excellent and it will not surprise me to see him and Sibylle strolling down the street five years from now.  She in her walking shorts and vest, both of them with big smiles.   The surgery was expensive and the economy has slowed her business but she will do anything for her remarkable companion.  If you would like to greet them come to the Fiesta del Perro this Saturday.  They will be there from 11:00 AM until around 1:00 PM, when Dodge will need to go home for a restorative nap.

    Speaking of Fiesta del Perro, it has been a long time in the making. Two and a half years ago, at a Rotary meeting, Jane Durant Jones and I were talking about possible fund raisers for our club.  We both enjoy raising money with special events and needed something new to add to our major event, The Pacific Grove Auto Rally.  “Ah, ha,” said Jane.  “What about a dog show?” I found the idea appealing and the ball started to roll.  My friend, Will Bullas, nationally acclaimed local artist and creator of whimsical creatures, was enthusiastic and agreed to do a painting which would be used for the poster.  We assembled a fantastic committee (all Rotarians are fantastic in my eyes).  We picked a title, and a date, the fifth of May, 2012.  Little did we know (or remember) that this was the time of the SPCA’s Wag and Walk, and we were too involved when we found out to change things.  It went off without a hitch and those who participated and attended had a great time, but the numbers were small.  Some came from the “walk” but many who would have been there were simply tuckered out.   Undeterred we determined to repeat the project, picking a date, that, hopefully, would have no major conflicts.

    jane dog3Please mark your calendars for September 28 and the second Fiesta del Perro, to be held from 11:00 until 4:00 at Robert Down School, benefitting  such activities as Smiles for Life, IHELP dinners, Polio Plus, Rotacare Clinic, Peace of Mind Dog Rescue and Animal Friends Rescue Project. There will be a children’s art show, with prizes for all from Judges Will Bullas and Don Livermore, “fun” dog judging, by Dr. Cynthia Nelson and Bullas, a pet parade, demonstrations of agility by Motive K9 Fitness, SPCA, D-Dog Agility, Zoom Room, Dance-A-Bulls, and Monterey County Search and Rescue, food, entertainment by The Wharf Rats, 23 booths and a fantastic silent auction, baskets of treasures from local pet venders and animal aficionados.

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