• Downtown Pacific Grove will experiment with extended parking limits

    At recent Business Vitality Working Group meetings, one of the items paramount on the list of improvements to be made downtown – and at the top of the “60-Day or Sooner” list – was extending the time limits of downtown parking to allow customers more time to shop and to patronize downtown merchants. Many complaints were voiced about the fact that visitors and customers were subject to ticketing and were uneasy about spending time downtown, where parking limits range from 90 minutes to two hours, for fear they would receive a ticket.

    In response, the City Council has held a first reading of an ordinance authorizing a pilot program to change parking limits during the upcoming holiday season. Under the proposed ordinance, some limits would be doubled and some would be modified to a lesser extent.

    Police Chief Vickie Myers indicated in the staff report that “care will be taken to minimize the impact on residential neighborhoods adjacent to downtown.”

    Officials of the downtown Business Improvement District pledged to work with members to ensure that employees of downtown businesses do not take premium parking spots. Kurt Overmeyer, the Business Development Director, and others had indicated he witnessed employees of downtown businesses playing a sort of “musical chairs,” running out of their businesses and trading parking spots with other employees but never really opening spots up for customers.

    The second reading will be held on Nov. 6 and the experiment will begin on Nov. 7 and go until Jan. 3, 2014 at which time results will be evaluated and a determination made whether to make the extended times permanent. The affected area, which has not yet been confirmed, will be from Cypress to 13th St. and from Ocean View Blvd. to Pine St.

    Public Works Director Mike Zimmer, Police Chief Myers, and City Manager Tom Frutchey were set to meet on Thurs. Oct. 24 to firm up questions about the times and the territory.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on October 24, 2013

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