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    The Cultural Arts Commission of Pacific Grove announced that Dr. Barbara Mossberg has been selected as the Poet in Residence for Pacific Grove for a second year. Dr. Mossberg is currently serving as Director and Professor of Integrated Studies at the California State University Monterey Bay. She began her service as Poet in Residence in June, 2010.

    Dr. Mossberg is a poet, an academic scholar and a teacher. She brings a long list of academic achievements to the position including a PhD. in American literature, British literature and linguistics from Indiana University, several senior Fulbright awards and she has represented higher education as the American Studies Specialist for the U.S. Department of State.

    The Poet in Residence will occupy the Poet’s Perch, the historic home in downtown Pacific Grove that was bequeathed to the City of Pacific Grove by the Whitney Latham-Lechich Trust with the stipulation that the home be used to promote poetry in Pacific Grove. Dr Mossberg, who has been a poet since she was in grade school, believes in the power of poetry to change the world. As Pacific Grove’s Poet in Residence, she will produce poetry events and workshops that will “promote poetry in and for the community”.

    Dr. Mossberg will be the fourth Poet in Residence to occupy the Poet’s Perch since it was gifted to the City in 2002. The cottage, which was constructed in 1890, has been vacant for the past year to allow for foundation repairs required to stabilize the structure. Funds provided by the Trust for the upkeep of the property financed the repairs and made it possible to upgrade the existing bathroom, add a second bathroom and to restore the wood floors. The Poet’s Perch now has a fresh new face as well as new footing.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on November 5, 2011

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