• Eagle Scout Project: Muni Ballpark gets a Facelift

    by Skyler Lewis

    muni ballpark - yellow stripes - Skyler LewisWhen he noticed the poor condition of the Pacific Grove Municipal Ballpark’s grandstands at his sister’s softball games, PG Eagle Scout candidate Christian Leisner was inspired to fix them.

    Age 16 and a member of Pacific Grove’s Boy Scout Troop 90, Leisner organized this volunteer project, a requirement for Eagle rank, with the assistance of Pacific Grove softball players, coaches, and his Boy Scout Troop 90 troop mates.

    He first contacted the city and his troop at the beginning of July.  Once the city green­-lit the project, he started work the day the troop approved it, with paint donated by PG PONY and tools from the City of Pacific Grove.

    Leisner said he was grateful for the “endless amounts of help” by his family and other gracious volunteers.

    John Goss from Pacific Grove Public Works, Jon Shoemaker from Jon Shoemaker Hardwood Floors, and PONY coach Chris Henden assisted Leisner with the woodworking.

    For the painting portion, Leisner got help not only from members of his troop, but also from the PONY softball team. Pacific Grove PONY Baseball and Softball use the ballpark, located on 17 Mile Drive, throughout the year for practices and games.

    Reece White, a family friend of the Leisners, also helped with the painting.

    Leisner said that his volunteers were easy to lead, and that, except for the fact that the Pacific Grove fog made the paint dry slowly, they encountered very few roadblocks in the project.

    Staci Consiglio, PG PONY Vice President, greatly appreciated Leisner’s work — both his physical repairs of the stadium and his demonstration of community involvement. “I think it’s awesome when we can model volunteerism to our kids and they in turn want to give back,” she said.

    These repairs have come at an excellent time. After successfully hosting last week’s Bronco Super Regional tournament, PG PONY now prepares to host the Mustang 9 World Series next summer.

    “The end result,” said Craig Bell, PG PONY President, “is a field that all of our players should be especially proud to play on.”

    muni ballpark - Christian Leisner with PG PONY volunteers - Staci Consiglio

    posted to Cedar Street Times on August 2, 2013

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