• Extension of Otter “Checkbox” Introduced

    Senate Bill 17 would extend the sunset date for the tax check-off option on California state income tax returns for another five years. Senator Bill Monning (D-Carmel), along with Assemblymembers Alejo and Stone, introduced the bill on Dec. 1.

    “Given that the sea otter population remains in trouble, it is important to extend the tax check-off option on the state income tax form in order for Californians to be able to voluntarily assist in helping to protect this keystone species,” said Senator Monning. “The reauthorization of the California Sea Otter Fund will ensure that support for research to protect the sea otter will continue uninterrupted.”

    “Friends of the Sea Otter is honored to be a sponsor for this critical legislation seeking to extend the California Sea Otter Fund that has been a tremendous help to sea otters in California,” said Jim Curland, Advocacy Program Director, Friends of the Sea Otter. “Currently the Fund is the main source of money that facilitates research, education, and conservation programs in California.

    Legislation enacted in 2006 initially created the California Sea Otter Fund, which supports researchers in their efforts to study and protect the threatened population of sea otters in California. Today, the three-year average is slightly less than 3,000 sea otters that exist along the state’s coastline – one-fifth of the historic population. The California Sea Otter Fund is currently scheduled to sunset on January 1, 2016.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on December 1, 2014

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