• Final Report of Voter Registration Shows Huge Surge

    Surge in final days shows 646,220 new registrants statewide. Monterey County is in top five counties percentage-wise.

    California Secretary of State has released the final voter registration report for the June 7, 2016 Presidential Primary Election. The report shows that 17,915,053 Californians are currently registered to vote, the highest ever total statewide voter registration heading into a primary election since records have been kept. Per the latest report, 72.29 percent of eligible California citizens are registered to vote.

    In the 45 days leading up to the voter registration deadline, there was a huge surge in voter registration—total statewide voter registration increased by nearly 650,000.

    Surge leading up to Voter Registration Deadline

    In the 45 days leading up to the voter registration deadline, there was a 646,220 net increase in total registration statewide.

    During this time Democratic Party, Republican Party, and No Party Preference voter registration all increased.

    Democratic Party registration accounted for much of the net increase in registrations, with an increase of 491,818 Democratic Party registrations statewide.

     Comparison to 2012 Presidential Primary Election

    Total statewide registration is up 761,354 since the May 21, 2012 Report of Registration. Los Angeles County had the largest total increase in registered voters since May 21, 2012, increasing by 450,636.  Voter registration in Del Norte County increased by 1,770—making it the county with the greatest percentage increase (+15.0%) in registrations since May 21, 2012. Monterey County was among the top five in percentage increase, with 17,633 new voters showing an increase in registration since five years ago of 11.2 percent.

    Largest Increase In Registration By Percentage Since May 21, 2012, Report

    County % Increase in registration # Increase in Registration
    Del Norte 15.0% (+1,770)
    Imperial 14.7% (+8,095)
    San Joaquin 14.2% (+38,615)
    Monterey 11.2%     (+17,633)
    Alameda 10.8% (+81,472)


    The report is a compilation of voter registration numbers reported by California’s 58 county elections offices. The report reflects registration data as of the May 23, 2016 voter registration deadline.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on June 5, 2016

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