• Final vote is in: Measure J goes down by less than 1%

    With all the votes counted, including the late ones and the questionable and damaged ballots, Monterey county Elections reports that Measure J, which would have funded our library with a $96 parcel tax, missed passage by a very scant margin.

    Yes votes were  2,747 or 65.91%; the measure, being a special parcel tax, required 66.66%. No votes were 1,421 or 34.09%. Total votes were 4,168.

    Supporters of the measure are understandably disappointed and will meet soon to decide what next steps to take. The city council has said that they will no longer fund the library to the extent needed to operate at what most would term “decent” levels after this fiscal year.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on November 13, 2009

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