• Fire Captain Promotions: Tilly and Smith

    captain tilly

    On May 1, Fire Engineer Cosimo Tilly and Firefighter Jason Smith were promoted to Monterey Fire Department Captains. They bring valuable experience and skills to the position. The testing and interview process was rigorous and included several other highly qualified individuals.

    Captain Cosimo Tilly has more than 18 years of fire service experience, of which 15 are at Monterey Fire. He has served the Department as an Engineer for nearly 10 years. “Over the years, Cosimo has served as a mentor to many aspiring and new Engineers,” said a spokesperson. “His dedication to our Communications Program has helped us keep up with changing technology and ensured the safety of our personnel.”

    Captain Smith

    Captain Smith

    Captain Jason Smith has 18 months with Monterey Fire after serving 7 years with Monterey Airport Fire. He has a total of 14 years of fire service experience. Jason has contributed extensively in managing the transition of the Airport Operations Program into the Monterey Fire Department. He took a voluntary demotion from Lieutenant to Firefighter in the transition of the Airport Fire Department into the Monterey Fire Department as he wanted to learn from the ground up.

    A formal promotion ceremony is planned in the near future.


    posted to Cedar Street Times on May 9, 2015

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