• Fire Department Improves ISO Rating

    The Insurance Services Office (ISO) provides a service to insurance companies by evaluating communities’ fire protection to determine a rating class. The rating classes range from 1 to 10, with 1 being the best. As a community improves its rating (lower rating number) insurance companies may reduce insurance rates to customers in that community due to the reduced risk.

    ISO has recently been re-evaluating communities in Monterey County including all of the communities served by the Monterey Fire Department. We have received copies of the reports and are happy to say that most of our communities have achieved an improved rating. While the ISO did change their methodology, much of the improvement can be attributed to the consolidations that provide a greater depth of resources to each community and the dedication Monterey Fire personnel have in providing excellent service.

    The ratings (old and new) are as follows:

    • Monterey – Old: 3 New: 2

    • Pacific Grove – Old: 3 New: 3

    • Carmel – Old: 4 New: 2

    • Sand City – Old: 4 New: 3

    • Airport – Old: 4 New: 3

    ISO does not provide a rating of military communities.

    With a little work we may be able to improve the rating of the communities that achieved a 3 to get our entire service area rated as a 2. Fire Chief Panholzer will be meeting with a representative from ISO to better understand what we can do to improve those ratings.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on October 10, 2014

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