• First Viable Seal Pup Born at Hopkins Beach

    Harbor Seals of Pacific Grove
    Kim Worrell

    Seal Pup #1 and his mom at Hopkins Beach

    Seal Pup #1 and his mom at Hopkins Beach

    Say Hello to our first viable pup of the season!!! It was spotted today at Hopkins beach with it’s mom swimming. It came ashore, nursed from mom and returned for more swimming lessons. We need all of your help to ensure that this pup remains with mom and is not abandoned as a result of trespassers or disturbances of any kind. Please keep your eyes and ears out for problems. Inform people at the fence if they are being too loud that the seals are very sensitive to that and this is considered a nursery now. Also, if you see anyone putting cameras or kids above the fence line to have them bring it back down below the fence. With any luck, this pup will do well. It was very strong today and mom was watching over it. Let the fun begin! and the Awwwwwws !!!


    posted to Cedar Street Times on March 17, 2015

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