• #FlatClint Promotion Goes Over the Top for PG Museum

    flat clint webThe #FlatClint campaign, held during the AT&T Pro-Am golf tournament, reached its goal of $100,000 and in fact went over the top in the number of participants. Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History was an enthusiastic participant, with fans of the museum posing with an official cutout of Clint Eastwood and posting the pictures to social media. The pictures were then harvested and totalled.

    The $100,000 will be divided between the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History and five other nonprofit organizations: International School of Monterey, Breakthrough Men’s Community, Interim Inc., MEarth, and Pajaro Valley Shelter Services. The Museum’s share may be in the area of $16,666.67.

    Checks should be issued in coming weeks, according to Sarah Hayes of the Monterey Peninsula Foundation, which administered the campaign.

    They will likely do it again, or something similar, next season. “People had a great time with it,” she said. “Maybe we’ll do a ‘Flat Somebody Else’,” she said.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on March 6, 2015

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