• Friday vote count: Results still the same

    Numbers have changed, but as expected, results have not in the local races most Pacific Grove voters were watching. The margin of “yes” votes for Measure A, the school bond measure, has increased by about a percentage point, making the difference a little more comfortable for backers.

    Results released by Monterey Council elections on Friday afternoon, Nov. 7, re as follows:

    Bill Kampe 3,382 75.16%
    John Moore 1,118 24.84%

    Council members
    Ken Cuneo 2,496 21.76%
    Bill Peake 2,494 20.96%
    Rudy Fischer 2,259 19.70%
    Shannon Cardwell 1,736 15.14%
    Brian Brooks 1,344 11.72%
    Robert Pacelli 1,229 10.72%

    Measure A Bond
    Yes 3,459 59.64%
    No 2,341 4.36%

    The vote count margin between Steve Bernal and sheriff Scott Miller has increased a little, in Steve Bernal’s favor, but pundits are still saying it is too close to call with more than 16,000 votes left to hand count in the county at large.

    Steve Bernal 28,065 51.70%
    Scott Miller 26,215 48.30%

    posted to Cedar Street Times on November 7, 2014

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