• Fuddy Meers: A don’t-miss performance at PGHS

    by Peter Mounteer

    Fuddy Meers is a two act comedy featuring a cast of seven Pacific Grove High School students. It will have its final weekend May 9-11 in C-Wing Theatre at Pacific Grove High School. The production is by the PGHS Drama Department, and is directed by longtime English and Drama instructor, Tom Bussio.

    The play traces the story of Claire (Sarah Gordon), an amnesiac with a naturally sunny outlook who awakens each morning with no memory of who she is or the life she has lived. She lives with her husband, Richard Fiffle (Matthew Mounteer), a nervous but compassionate and dedicated man who loves Claire dearly; and their son Kenny (Alex Thibeau) a troubled and angst-filled teenager with a fondness for marijuana.

    The plot follows Claire’s departure from her home one day facilitated by a limping man with a lisp, claiming to be her brother Zachary (Brian Long). They leave while Richard is in the shower, headed to Claire’s mother’s house.
    Supporting cast includes Zachary’s right-hand man, Millet (Anthony Berteaux) who talks to a puppet; Claire’s aging mother Gertie (Elaina Pennisi) who is very lucid but can’t speak properly due to a recent stroke; and Heidi, a police officer (Hannah Azerang) who gets involved after Richard and Kenny set out to find the missing Claire.

    What ensues is a wildly entertaining escapade into a world where nothing truly is as it appears. The production is sometimes tragic and often funny rendition. It’s the kind of work playwright David Lindsay-Arbaire is perhaps best known for, as brought to life by the talented cast and crew of the PGHS Drama Department.

    Show time is 7p.m. at C-Wing Theater on the Pacific Grove High School campus. Tickets are $7 at the door.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on May 28, 2013

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