• Fuel Spill in Storm Drain

    On December 13 two Monterey Fire Engines, the Duty Chief and Public Works responded to a report of a strong odor of what appeared to be diesel or paint thinner in the storm drain.  The Duty Chief had all regulatory agencies notified to include the Monterey County Health Department, Fish and Game, Coast Guard, the National Marine Sanctuary.  

    The Duty Chief established Incident Command near the scene.  Public Works responded to Greenwood Park and advised that a sheen was present across the outfall water, and a strong odor was also present.  Fire personnel relocated to Greenwood Park and started to dike and create an underflow dam operation to contain and prevent the unknown product from entering into the ocean. Fire personnel constructed two underflow dams successfully containing most of the unknown product.

    It was determined the product was diesel fuel that was leaking from a moving truck parked on Sinex Avenue.  “This was another outstanding example of a collaborative effort by multiple agencies that work together to protect our precious natural resources,” said a City spokesperson.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on December 14, 2012

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