• Gateway Center proposes re-licensing of facility

    Access to funding will be enhanced

    By Joe Fabeets

    The Pacific Grove City Council convened on April 29 and approved a recommendation from Senior Planner Sarah Hardgrave to re-license Gateway Center into three separate licensed facilities. These would be on the same site. The recommendation stated that, based on special local needs and conditions, a change in licensing structure will not result in an intensification of existing land use or an excess concentration of residential care facilities.

    Licensed residential care facilities located within 300 feet of each other require permission from the City of Pacific Grove as a result of state statutes addressing potential excess concentration of such facilities. The current General Plan Land Use Designation for Gateway, which is located at 850 Congress Avenue, is for “Group Quarters,” and its existing use permit allows for 49 residents. Gateway is proposing a future housing and program configuration that will serve a combined total of 36-45 residents in three separately licensed facilities, which will be assigned three separate addresses at the existing site and in the existing building.

    This will support Gateway Center’s plan and allow Gateway to access funding from the State of California Department of Developmental Services for modifications to the existing building. The re-configuration will also result in an increase of funding for ongoing operations.

    To address the needs of gateway’s long-term residents, cover operating costs and qualify for Federal Financial Participation, Gateway proposes the following re-configuration:

    1.    The first facility will be a 15 bed Intermediate Care Facility/Developmentally Disabled Rehabilitation.
    2.    The second facility will be a 15 bed Adult Residential Facility.
    3.    The third facility will be a 6 to 15 bed Adult Residential Facility.

    Each facility would be independent of each other, have a separate address and be designed to care for current residents as well as future referrals. The facility re-configuration will be based on the following principals:

    • Retain and improve wheelchair accessibility
    • Improve accessibility of bathrooms, kitchen and shower/bathing facilities
    • Incorporate increased accessibility design features
    • Smaller specialized licensed areas with a maximum of 15 beds
    • Increased personal space, some private rooms and more social/recreational areas.
    • Create increased learning opportunities for food preparation and other opportunities leading to the ability to live more independently.
    • Retain existing day services.

    Based on special needs and conditions, the City can approve a separation distance between licensed care facilities of less than 300 feet. The California Environmental Quality Act Guidelines categorically exempt specific types of projects from environmental review. This includes projects involving existing facilities or structures planning negligible or no expansion of use.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on April 30, 2009

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