• Girls Golf: Breakers Get Back in the Win Column

    – By Jon Charron

    After losing their first two matches of the season, Courtney Vogel’s 36 helps lead the Breakers back into the win column, with a 255-296 victory over North Monterey County at the Pacific Grove Golf Links on Wednesday afternoon. [09-30-15]

    Playing three matches in three days was grueling on the girls, especially after playing their first two matches against undefeated Santa Catalina and RLS. The Breakers made it work however, with a solid day. Improving to 5-2 on the season.

    “We’re definitely better than last year,” senior Ashley Aguilera said about the main difference from last season. “Adding Courtney [Vogel] has obviously helped, but me and Hayley [Yukihiro] have stepped up our game. We both used to be in the lower 50’s, but now we’re in the 40’s.”

    Ashley Aguilera tees off hole 1, with Hayley Yukihiro looking on

    Ashley Aguilera tees off hole 1, with Hayley Yukihiro looking on

    Hayley had a few birdies on her day, leading her to a 41.

    Pacific Grove’s new girl, Courtney Vogel, has been a big boost for the Breakers so far this season. “She’s not only helped us get better,” Aguilera said. “But she’s inspiring”

    Last year, while living in Sacramento, Courtney made it to state and has her eyes set on the prize again this year. “I just want to end my senior year on a good note and work towards that goal,” Vogel stated about making it back to state and trying to win it.

    Vogel is also really excited to be in a different environment. “Moving here from Sacramento is a huge life change for me and the weather is a lot different. Being able to come here is definitely an honor. I’m very thankful to be here and the golf environment is definitely fitting for me because it’s more competitive. I’m loving every moment out here.”

    Courtney Vogel, who shot a 36 in her match against NMC

    Courtney Vogel, who shot a 36 in her match against NMC

    Results –

    Pacific Grove Golf Links

    Front 9-red tees

    Pacific Grove – 255

    Courtney Vogel 36

    Hayley Yukihiro 41

    Ashley Aguilera 51

    Esther Lee 50

    Garima Gurung 77

    North Monterey Courty – 296

    Vanessa Zaragoza 49

    Michaela Galli 54

    Samantha Figueroa 61

    Katie James 66

    Alivia Peters 66

    Medalist – Courtney Vogel, PGHS 36


    Results from matches on Monday and Tuesday.

    Results – 29 September 2015

    Pacific Grove Golf Links

    Back 9 par 35

    Stevenson – 220

    Antonia Malate 36

    Cece Rivera 45

    India Di Balbo Bertone 43

    Savannah Thompson 47

    Angela Zahn 49

    Sally Wang 50 non-counter

    Pacific Grove -245

    Courtney Vogel 37

    Hayley Yukihiro 46

    Esther Lee 49

    Ashley Aguilera 53

    Andrea Kelley 60

    Rachel Choi 63 non- counter

    Medalist – Antonia Malate, RLS 36


    Results – 28 September 2015

    Pacific Grove Golf Links

    Front 9-red tees

    Pacific Grove – 253

    Courtney Vogel 37

    Ashley Aguilera 43

    Hayley Yukihiro 46

    Esther Lee 55

    Andrea Kelley 62

    Rachel Choi 65 – non-counter

    Santa Catalina 232

    Coco Chai- 41

    Alison Mody 46

    Valeria Gonzalez 43

    Emma Leamy- 50

    Lily Sato- 52

    Isabelle Ting 62 – non counter

    Medalist – Courtney Vogel, PGHS 37

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