• Girls Soccer: MTAL Co-Champions Pacific Grove, Falls to Sacred Heart Cathedral in First Round of the CCS Division III Playoffs

    – Jon Charron –

    In their first playoff appearance since the 2011-2012 season, the Pacific Grove Breakers fell to Sacred Heart Cathedral 3-0 in the first round of the CCS division III playoffs on Wednesday night [02-25-15]

    “I can’t be more proud of them,” were the words that head coach Michael Aguilera uttered after his teams’ defeat. The Breakers had a lot to be proud of this season. For one, they won the school’s first ever girls soccer league championship.

    “I think that the biggest accomplishment, is that our school doesn’t have a lot of soccer experience,” Aguilera said. “Maybe some youth soccer, but no high level club soccer training.” Aguilera added that, “[for] a young bunch of girls with very young soccer skills, to get together as a group with one senior, and get the banner was fantastic. I started training them like I would a normal club team and they’ve actually responded pretty well. We’re trying to make them actually play the game the way it was designed to be played. And that’s very hard to do when you don’t have a lot of experienced players.”

    For most of the first half, the Fightin’ Irish controlled the ball in Breakers territory. Pacific Grove didn’t move the ball across midfield until a little over ten minutes into the game. Breakers goalie Kylie Koestner was busy most of the night, especially in the first half. She gathered 8 saves in the first half, but at the 17th minute, Sacred Heart scored on a strike from just outside the goalie box.

    Ashley Aguilera readies herself for a kick in the first half of the Breakers match against Sacred Heart Cathedral

    Ashley Aguilera readies herself for a kick in the first half of the Breakers match against Sacred Heart Cathedral

    Five minutes later, Sacred Heart scored another goal to go up 2-0. The Breakers finally got the offense going, when Jade Ware raced down the sideline with the ball and took a shot, but it was stopped by the goalie. A few minutes later, Ashley Aguilera took a long shot that looked like it might go in. However, the ball just sailed up and over the crossbar.

    The Breakers tried to keep things going in the second half, but the Fightin’ Irish put things out of reach in the 63rd minute, when they were able to score their third goal of the game from a corner kick.

    Even though the Breakers lost, coach Aguilera had nothing but praise for his team. Saying, “Against a very talented team, I think they performed well.”

    The Breakers have a lot to look forward to next year, as the whole team will be returning. “Should be a fantastic season [next year], and I’m excited for them,” Aguilera stated. “The goal will be to repeat as MTAL Champions.”

    On top of having a great season, three Breakers players were named to the MTAL all-league first team; Ashley Aguilera, Hannah Renner-Bennet, and Cameron Whiteside.

    Ashley Aguilera was also named offensive player of the year for the MTAL. Aguilera led the team with 8 goals and 4 assists on the season.

    Hannah Renner-Bennet had 1 goal, while Cameron Whiteside had 5 goals and 3 assists.

    Goalie Kylie Koestner was second in Monterey County with 121 saves on the season. She earned MTAL all-league second team.

    Also named to the second team was Kaelene Jenson and JadeWare, who recorded 5 goals on the season.

    Box Score 1st 2nd Final
    Sacred Heart Cathedral 2 1 3
    Pacific Grove 0 0 0

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