• Gray Eminence Looking Forward to Moto GP Season

    Hello. The highest form of motorcycle racing- MotoGP- starts the 2018 season this Sunday March 18, 2018. The pool of talent riding these incredible bike is deep. In fact the greatest of all time or GOAT, #46 the Italian Valentino Rossi will be out to win his 10th world championship in this class. Valentino, or Vale (Valley) will be riding his Yamaha M-1.
    There are at least 10 other riders that will make this difficult for our hero. The Honda rider Mark Marquez #93 chief among them. Marquez is 24 years old and already a 4 time world champ in this series. Last season he was so fast, many different times he slid his front wheel through the corners. He has a unique approach to learn the tracks he races at. He goes out to the set practice time allowed under the strict rules and goeas fast as he can. He is looking for the exact limit of cohesion, so that he can push it forward.
    Here is the part that both fascinates me and cracks me up every time. He falls. Sometimes and usually at speeds of more than 150 mph.
    There is a lot to talk about. The printing press is waiting.. All of the motorcycles of MotoGP are prototypes. Meaning each one has been built individually with the purpose of being the most refined, the fastest, the lightest and best handling motorcycle that exists. No cost has been spared, and many lives have ended in this pursuit. Motorcycles at this level have never seen a city street or country road or highway. They are focused to win at the race track against the other gonzo amazing examples in the class.
    However there is one very small humble team from Noal Italy that doesn’t have the resources/money Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha and Ducati utilize every season. Aprilia just could never afford a full factory MotoGP challenge if it had to spend the, on average $50,000,000 needed for proper development. So they did the next best thing. They saw it as, well we already make a pretty good bike. Let’s use it! We’ll go ahead and develop our RSV4. That’s what they have done. Bravo Aprilia. Watch for them this year. As time permits I’ll recap the first race. The race itself is the season opener from Losail, Qatar.
    It is a fast and open track, with just a few hard braking points built in because they like to party. I welcome any feedback from race fans. Perhaps through Jameson’s Classic Motorcycle Museum we can help you watch the race if you can’t find it. Think of it as a gateway series or warm up to World Superbike. The World superbike season has just started and the next race,#2 is a couple of weeks out.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on March 15, 2018

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