• GreenWaste is Coming to Pacific Grove

    By Ivan Garcia

    Change can be unsettling, confusing, inconvenient. It is no secret that when change is proposed for the social services so central to a community, some residents may be reluctant to accept the new change, however subtle or drastic it may be.  Especially if the change concerns your garbage.

    E Waste will now be collected three times a year, along with mattresses and other large items.

    E Waste will now be collected three times a year, along with mattresses and other large items.

    Pacific Grove will switch to a new waste hauler this coming August, transitioning from decades of service by Waste Management, Inc. to GreenWaste Recovery, Inc. On June 10 Sustainable Pacific Grove hosted a presentation by GreenWaste Director of Business Development Emily Finn to address questions and concerns from the community.

    Finn’s presentation covered some brief background of the GreenWaste company and their cutting edge collection facilities, saying their impressive material diversion rates rank among the highest in the industry.

    But when the educational slideshow ended and the time came to take questions from the audience, it was clear the issue on the minds of most in the room was simple: what will change? How will this change the way things have been before? Is it change we should welcome? Is it the type of change that will make us long for the ways of the past?

    As it turns out, not much will change in Pacific Grove curbside trash collection other than the label printed on the garbage carts. There will be a 13 percent rate increase in subscriber services. Upon revealing this Finn stated that if Waste Management had won the contract, rates would have increased even higher. Finn further explained that the rates for waste hauling have been artificially depressed for years, and that the new rates are reflective of the authentic costs today.

    Finn says the slight rise in service rates are justified when factoring in several new services that will be provided by GreenWaste. These new services aim to dispose of waste that once had to be sent to separate, specialized facilities at an extra cost. Waste such as used motor oil and batteries will be collected curbside. “Just remember to set these aside from the rest of your garbage,” said Finn. Residents will be able to dispose of bulky items (mattresses, desks, and eWaste such as computer monitors) up to three times a year, collected at the curbside along with everything else, upon request to GreenWaste.

    Changes in service providers aside, there is plenty that will stay the same in what we in Pacific Grove have come to expect from trash day. GreenWaste will be hiring many of the truck drivers currently employed by Waste Management. Chances are, you’ll still be receiving heartwarming holiday cards under the doormat from your regular waste collector. And those same truck drivers will be taking the same routes on the same service days we have all grown accustomed to.

    GreenWaste customer service can be reached at 831-920-6707.


    posted to Cedar Street Times on June 12, 2015

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