• Grisly murder in Pacific Grove Nov. 21

    Responding to a call from a taxi driver about an unpaid fare, Pacific Grove Police found instead a grisly scene at 214 17 Mile Drive on Sunday, Nov. 21 at 10:45 p.m.

    The cab driver told officers that he picked up a male subject in Seaside and delivered him to the residence at 214 17 Mile Drive. The subject told the cab driver to wait and went inside the residence. When he did not return, the cab driver thought the subject was not going to pay the fare so he called police.

    Police knocked on the door, and though no one answered, they heard sounds inside so they went to a side window. Officers reported seeing what appeared to be blood spattered on the wall inside, so they forced entry.

    Inside they found, deceased in the floor, Judith Salazar, 46, of Pacific Grove. She was the apparent victim of a stabbing.

    Nearby on the floor was 26 year-old Sunny Nguyen, also suffering from knife wounds. Nguyen, of Seaside, was transported by AMR to an air ambulance and taken to a San Jose medical trauma center where he is being treated. He remains in police custody, the apparent suspect in the murder. Nguyen was allegedly the cab fare.

    Two small children, an eight month-old boy and a two year-old girl, were found unharmed in the residence. Nguyen is reportedly the father of the two children. The dead woman, Judith Salazar, is their grandmother. The mother of the children was apparently not in the residence at the time and was reportedly at work.

    The children were placed in the care of Monterey County Family and Children Services pending initial stages of the investigation. Officers are treating the crime as a murder-attempted suicide.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on November 22, 2010

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