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    Main line
    Purchases Ford for taxi
    While M. W. Hoffman has a couple of cars used as last year’s stock on hand, these were not the auto mobile desired by J. J. Selby. Selby wanted his car to double as a taxi. Mr. Hoffman therefore got out his book and a particularly heavy-duty rig was placed on order.* Two months later that car has arrived in San Francisco. Yesterday, Mr. Selby departed by train for the big city to take delivery of the auto mobile. The car will be driven back to the Grove. Mr. Selby hopes to be in the business of running a taxi within the week. For the entire month of October, rides can be gained at half price.
    Selby guarantees that no horse pulling a buggy will arrive at your door. Never ridden in an auto mobile? Telephone Selby! 1

    Auto mobile accident
    Dr. E. K. Abbott and companions were injured in an auto mobile accident that occurred near the Pinnacles this weekend. Fortunately, no serious consequences are probable. Abbott ran into a vehicle operated by a Mr. Campbell, who is registered as a guest at the Del Monte Hotel. Campbell is a wealthy Scotchman, visiting locally, who escaped unhurt. Abbott had decided to view the Pinnacles, accompanied by Harry Green and D. Cliff in order to try out his newly purchased car. Near their destination, Abbott—a novice driver—lost control of his auto mobile while negotiating a curve. His vehicle struck the borrowed vehicle driven by Campbell, then veered off the road. Minor cuts and abrasions were suffered by all, except Dr. Abbott. Abbott also suffered additionally from nervous shock. No attempt has yet been made to return the Abbott car to its home. The car was reported as badly damaged.

    Englishman relates Mexican conditions
    Fred Young, a wealthy Englishman, has spent the past few months in Mexico City in close proximity of Dictator Huerta. Recently, Young departed the Mexican capitol to take up residence in El Paso. There, Young revealed that he was a journalist-under- cover for the Houston Chronicle. Reports that Huerta would resign and go into hiding are completely bosh, said Young.
    “The dictator knows he is on his last legs, but to resign would consign him to everlasting oblivion,” Young said. “To remain as dictator will assure him a place in Mexican history. Huerta wants to be known as a big man. However, (Pancho) Villa has enjoyed victory after victory. Each of the rebel’s victories seems easier than the one before, but that is not the reason for Huerta’s despondency. The Federalist’s have simply lost heart, as have the Americans, Huerta believes.”
    Young said that Huerta expects the Americans not to throw an army into Mexico.

    Museum Directors meet
    The Board of Directors of the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History met Monday evening in a regular session.
    Miss Ella Demming offered a full report on the success of the recent Flower Festival. The $19 revenue is being donated to the building fund, according to Miss Demming.
    Mrs. M. E. Herger noted that a visitor from Chicago, a Mrs. M. C. Blackman, had donated $10 to the fund, increasing the monthly amount of donations to $29.
    Mrs. Woodstock, curator of botany, called for a vote of thanks to the Peninsula Band, and all others who helped out, for making the Flower Festival a success.
    The following names—Miss Ella Lloyd, Mrs. Carrie Carrington, Mrs. James Cartnow, Mr. John Vannorden, and Mrs. T. Cooke Smith—were submitted for membership. All were approved.

    CLSC banquet coming
    The Vincent Circle of the CLSC invites all to a banquet to be offered on Saturday, next. Persons wishing to participate in this fund raiser can obtain tickets at Sherpa’s grocery store. Tickets are priced at 50¢ each. Baked chicken or salmon (your choice) will be the featured entrees, accompanied by an asparagus salad and mixed vegetable. Beverage and after-dinner sweets are included. The meal is provided by the Pacific Grove Hotel.

    No appetite?
    Is your appetite suffering? Are you having trouble eating anything? Try Doctor Phillip’s electric belt. Just affix the belt around your belly and turn on the electricity. Immediately, your appetite will be restored. That’s a promise!

    K of C at Del Monte
    The Knights of Columbus has moved its councils to the Del Monte Hotel, a move prompted by the large number of participants. Meetings are held on the first and third Mondays of each month. A smoker is being planned as the next activity. Mayor R. F. Johnson will be in attendance. The following weekend, a daylong event for families is on tap. Participants should gather at the Del Monte no later than 9 am. The group will then travel by street car to Junipero Serra’s landing spot in Monterey. After an hour to enjoy the vistas, lunch will be served. The cost of $1 per family includes transportation and meal. Participants will be returned to the Del Monte by 4 pm.

    Side track – Tidbits from here and there

    • Editor Wallace Clarence Brown reminds you that newspapermen make better elected officials.
    • George Schultz has announced his candidacy for the Monterey County Superintendent of Schools.
    • Mrs. E. E. Fong has departed for a weeklong visit in Santa Cruz.

    And the cost is …

    • Grab a sewing machine for 30 days by sending this coupon and $1. We pay the freight. On the likely chance that you decide to keep the machine, the cost will be an additional $54. Easy terms available. Domestic Sewing Machines, 977 Domestic Lane, Roanoke Island, North Carolina. Your machine will be fully guaranteed for a period of twenty years.
    • Wide body Hudson Six, model 54. Order from L. H. Peterson, Pacific Grove. Op- tions available. 2
    • Purchase a vacuum cleaner for $12.50 from Culp Bros on Lighthouse. Make home cleaning easy! 3

    Notes from the author …
    1. Was there a meter? The article did not say.
    2. Car lots were not yet available. Cars were ordered after viewing a modeler even photographs. Certain options could be added to the base package.
    3.  The Review seemed to be undercutting Culp Bros by offering the same machine for $5.75 … with a year’s extension or subscription to the newspaper

    CLSC stood for the Community League for Services Center. The nearest CLSC group is today in Watsonville.

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