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    Main line
    Man shoots his wife
    The Monterey Cypress has reported to the Pacific Grove Review that a man living in New Monterey has murdered his wife by shooting her.
    The violence occurred very early Saturday morning, last. Mr. John Riley had just returned home after an evening of hard boozing at the Del Monte Resort. It is reputed that Mrs. Riley had been on her husband about his excessive drinking, and was dismayed by his backsliding.
    From all that could be learned by the Review, Mr. Riley arrived home, intoxicated, to find an irate wife waiting up. Mrs. Riley began berating her husband with a diatribe.
    Mr. Riley carried a small piston which was to be used for protection in case he won a sizable sum of money, which he had not. Riley produced the weapon with which he attempted to quiet Mrs. Riley’s tirade by waving the pistol in the air. Mrs. Riley was not to be quieted. Desperate for some peace and quiet, Riley pointed the pistol at his wife and pulled the trigger.
    Mr. Riley then had what he described as a couple of drinks. Then he picked up the telephone to advise police captain R. L. Anderson of the mishap. Immediately, Anderson got underway. At the Riley residence, Anderson said that he found Riley sitting calmly beside the body of his wife, the pistol still held in one hand.
    As well as serving as police chief, Anderson was in the employ of Mr. T. A. Work as head watchman. Anderson indicated that in either capacity, he felt authorized to arrest Mr. Riley, which he did. Riley resisted only slightly before accompanying Anderson first to the police station and then to the McNueley Sanitarium where he is to be treated.
    The Review will provide more details as they come available. 1

    New candidate enters race
    Mr. Joseph Wilks has announced his candidacy for the position of Justice of the Peace for the Pacific Grove Township. Rather than offer a statement, Wilks said that voters will be given the task of deciding on his qualifications. The Review suggests that careful consideration be given to Mr. Wilks.

    Churches and Chautauqua clash
    It is beginning to look like a quarrel over dates for next year’s Chautauqua and the Church Congress on Reforms is beginning to heat up, now that the Church committee has announced dates traditionally belonging to Chautauqua. Charles Barker, of the committee, notes that dates should be open to all, and not reserved for anyone. A. J. Hansen, Chautauqua coordinator from Santa Clara, replied that tradition is tradition and that a clash in dates might increase Chautauqua’s recent year’s drop in attendance. The Rev. MacAuther of Salinas, affiliation not announced, said that the development of such home entertainment as radio may be putting an end to the need for out-of-home experiences such as Chautauqua. The Rev. MacArthur predicted the coming death of summer’s Chautauqua events.

    Rooms Available
    The Pacific Grove Board of Trade has completed renovation of its old headquarters located on Fountain avenue. The Board has announced that several rooms are now avail- able for public use. Contact Mr. Hal Gerome for reservations. Mr. Gerome has promised that guests will be treated to viewing a comprehensive diorama picturing Grove history.

    Gambling den uncovered
    Justice of the Peace Michaels has announced the discovery of a New Monterey gambling parlor by the Monterey County Sheriff and two deputies this past week end. The den could be reached by a tunnel extending from Ocean View (Cannery Row) and was patronized primarily by local Chinese. The Sheriff reported finding games such as Dimsun Hayan and Pinyan being played on tables alongside sizeable deposits of cash. There was some evidence of food service, but not enough to consider the establishment a legitimate café. Principals were named for trial. The hearing date has not yet been announced. 2

    Anti-tipping bill to be considered
    In Sacramento, Senator Davis has submitted legislation that would make the giving or receiving of a tip illegal. Davis said that the bill would make all services or goods received to cost exactly the same. The senator also said that he hopes passage can be gained without opposition.
    The Review suggests that such a departure from common practice is sure to attract controversy and, hence, opposition.

    Side track – Tidbits from here and there
    The Itinerant’s Club picnic will be held at the new picnic grounds, near Moss Landing, Saturday next. Busses to the site will be provided. Sign in early for transportation. Coffee and snacks will be available, free, but bring your own lunch.
    Curnow & Curnow Cash Grocer’s offers one, fair price to all! Phone Black 511 for delivery. 21 Forest avenue.
    Mr. and Mrs. G. M. Bullier of San Francisco are the house guests of Mr. and Mrs. G. F. Gould. Mrs. Bullier is the daughter of the Goulds. Mr. Bullier, who is in the military, is preparing for overseas assignment.

    And the cost is …
    Are you expecting … to open an account with the bank of E. Cooke Smith? Just deposit savings of $1,500 or more and we’ll pay interest of 4.5%.
    Charles Norton Real Estate has cottages available for next year’s season starting at $15 per week.
    The Perils of Pauline is being shown at the Colonial Theatre along with other fine flicks. 15¢a seat.

    Notes from the author …
    1. Was Mrs. Riley really dead? A Salinas paper reported that she had been seriously wounded by the gunshot, but that it was she, not her husband, who was in the MacAulty Sanitarium (operated by Dr. MacAulty) waiting for removal of the bullet from her body. It was also reported that it was Mr. Riley who was in T. A. Work’s employee (as foreman on a Work ranch), and not Anderson. Riley was alleged to have been depressed at having allowed a stampede of Work cattle, rather than being accused of alcoholism.
    2. Why was the JP’s name and “local Chinese” the only ones mentioned? Well, there was an election coming up.


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