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    Apple festival moved
    The 1914 apple festival has been moved from Watsonville to San Francisco. The Pacific Grove Review wishes to remind readers that the membership of the Watsonville Apple Festival decided last year that Watsonville apples had fallen in such short supply the festival should be moved to San Francisco. There, a wider conglomerate of growers would be accommodated. The show for 1914 will take place at the San Francisco fair grounds. Next year’s show will be held at the permanent headquarters area located at Eighth and Market streets. Both year’s shows are planned to open on the last day of October. The meeting at which the decision was reached was attended by participants representing 2,476 shares of stock (a majority). Lamenting falling income, the group considered whether to move the festival north or hold it not at all. Every speaker heard during the meeting favored going to the metropolis. To encourage the return of exhibits, the group voted to guarantee each exhibitor an income guarantee of $250. “This action,” said the director, “should demonstrate good faith.”
    Reduced hotel rates are being negotiated and the Southern Pacific has announced special excursion prices for people wishing to visit the show. 1

    Murders will draw verdict
    A verdict will soon be announced in the cases of Yee Hum, Ho Kim Hew, and Chew Bok. The three men have been found guilty of murdering Lee Koan and Lung Kai. Thus ends the final saga in the vicious murders which so startled the people of Monterey County. This sentencing provided the first reaction to the “Highbinder” violence that was, and is, involved in the ongoing “Tong” wars.2
    During the evening of April 27, 1912, a Highbinder3 conflict was taking place. Highbinders swooped down on the local Chinese headquarters by making their furtive ways to the address at 20 Soledad street. While two of the Tong associates stood guard outside with drawn revolvers, others entered and began ransacking the premises. Several Chinese had been involved in playing cards, and these men were soon confronted. Aggression broke out. Lung Kai fell, mortally wounded. Lee Koan attempted to run across the street where he could disappear into the office of Mee Dong, an attorney friend. A fusillade erupted. Koan fell, dead. Several Chinese, who had stuck their heads out windows to see what was going on, were wounded in the melee. Not long after, Sheriff May, who had been in the vicinity and heard the gunshots, executed an arrest warrant. Deputy District Attorney Anderson then cooperated with County Coroner J. A. Pell in preparing the prosecution.
    All involved in this action deserve kudos for the outstanding manner in which the case is being handled. The Review is waiting for a “healthy” verdict.

    Yosemite-to-the-Sea highway revived
    The Yosemite-to-the Sea highway plans launched two years ago by the San Joaquin valley counties east of here had been allowed to languish. Now, however, those plans are being dusted off and reconsidered. Action by the Pacific Improvement Company of Pacific Grove is largely responsible for the revival. It was pointed out that San Benito has already built a broad boulevard to work into the highway system. Add in the Pacheco Pass and Santa Clara county roads and progress seems substantial.
    Mr. R. M. McCain, new fiscal officer for PIC, stands squarely behind the road which, McCain believes, will prove to be a must. McCain believes the principal highway will connect Fresno with Pacific Grove via Hollister. Side roads will extend throughout the area. The impact will be to give agriculture a big boost.

    High School staff Confirmed
    The Pacific Grove Board of Education has confirmed the hiring and continued employment of high school several high school staff. To wit: Bert Garner (principal); Roy Kelley (Vice Principal); E. Thomas (teacher, manual training); Miss Mary Lakenun (teacher, English); Miss Evelyn Garner (teacher, foreign language), Miss Kate McGraw (teacher, general science); Mrs. Elizabeth Schandt (teacher, music). School is already in session.

    Death in New Monterey
    The popular Mrs. Frank O’Conner died at about dawn Friday morning. Mrs. O’Conner was a native of New York. She moved to the Grove in 1870 after her marriage to Mr. O’Conner, who had been in the East, visiting. J. A. Pell has taken charge of funeral arrangements.

    Side track – Tidbits from here and there

    • Look for Cramer’s Specials in the window. A new value is displayed every day at 547 Forest, Pacific Grove.
    • Mr.& Mrs. M. G. Butler are here from the big city. The couple is staying with Mr. & Mrs. G. S. Gould of New Monterey. Mrs. Butler is the daughter of the Goulds.
    • Need better sleep? Pillows in a variety of sizes are available from the Lace House. We’re on the corner of 16th and Lighthouse. See Mr. L. W. Nex for a special discount.
    • Mr. Jeff Landrum is the Grove’s expert shoe repairman. 192 Forest avenue.

    And the cost is …

    • New! Grove Suit Cleaning Works. Introductory special. Three piece suit pristinely cleaned for $1. Your choice of wet or dry cleaning.
    • We can’t cure Eczema, but we can provide relief. One application of our DDD cream stops the itching! Present this ad to your drug store operator to receive a sample. FREE! Do this within one week and it will cost not one cent.
    • If you have $1,094.75, $912.75 should be principal and $182.00 should be interest earned with the Bank of Pacific Grove.
    • A. A. Pullman will tailor your new suit to size. Beautiful patterns for fall and winter. $17.50.

    Notes from the author …
    1. The Annual Apple Festival would survive only a few years longer.
    2. John Steinbeck would later write about the Tong wars.
    3. Highbinder was a professional killer operating out of San Francisco. He would form the Highbinder gang with fifty plus members. They were described as: “A desperate association of lawless and unprincipled vagabonds.”

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