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    Trustees talk about the future
    Trustees for Pacific Grove gathered for a regular meeting, Wednesday evening past. Present were the persons of A. Myers, L. V. Chase, B. Yates, J. C. Winston, E. J. Nagle, A. M. Harnette, and S. S. Smith. After regular business was taken care of, the trustees turned their attention ahead … to the future, that is.
    The city clerk mentioned that the city owned a pair of wagons, previously used for haulage. However, the city no longer owned animals with which to haul the loaded wagons. Animals had to be rented, if needed. The clerk noted that it was vogue today to haul with an auto mobile truck, and that Mr. T. A. Work had offered a steep discount on the purchase of such a device. It was recommended that the wagons be put up for sale by bid. A truck should be purchased to replace the wagons.
    A representative of the Work Company said that he would be interested in submitting a bid in behalf of his employer’s deputation firm, The Studebaker Company. However, the said bid would be predicated on purchasing one or more Studebaker trucks.
    Harnette said that both the bid for the wagons and the purchase of auto mobile trucks seemed most irregular and not in accordance with proper procedures. Both bids should therefore be rejected. Trustees agreed. The Work Company was invited to bid again after the call for bids had been properly advertised. The matter was then referred for continuation to the Streets Department, which is currently in the process of receiving bids for a street wetting device.
    Mr. Hunting said that attention should be paid to recent fires, one of which destroyed the livery. Hunting said that an individual should be employed to spend the night in the city barn, and to nightly watch over other city property. A cost of $20 monthly was suggested. The amount was considered too low. The matter was referred to the police department.
    Attention was also made of city parks and to the kind of businesses desired for Pacific Grove.
    J. M. Stow was given permission to continue work on installing curbs along downtown Lighthouse and Forest Avenues curbs.

    El Paso to be bombarded?
    Word has come from El Paso that the city has received an advisory from the U.S. military command to prepare for a bombardment by the forces of Pancho Villa. Guards with field glasses have been positioned along the border on the American side.
    From the camp of the Sixth United States Infantry comes word that Villa would be willing to do anything to insure the continued occupation of Juarez. Villa is said to be preparing his headquarters just across the border in Juarez. Thus, Pancho Villa will likely see the need to destroy El Paso. 1
    The San Francisco Chronicle correspondent has reported that the situation has turned against the Constitutionalists in the south of Mexico. Zapata, the Rebel leader, is driving toward Mexico City. Foreigners in Mexico City are being asked to evacuate. The United States is taking steps to protect its citizenry. The last report has positioned Zapata’s forces at a site 40 miles from the city.
    General Rodrigo Quevada, a Mexican Rebel chief, has warned that for every one of his soldiers killed, he will retaliate by killing five persons … either soldiery or civilian, as long as they are constitutionalists.

    Clean up day!
    The Pacific Grove Board of Trustees has declared this coming Saturday to be Clean- Up Day. With the summer season coming to a close, citizen volunteers are needed to work on cleaning the bay front, streets, and parks. If you would like to help, report Saturday at Winston’s Café on Lighthouse, 10 am. Free coffee and sweet treats will be waiting. Each attendee will be assigned a work area. Bags provided. Bring your own rake.

    Lots made spiffy
    The Jacks Company is cleaning up its lots as part of Clean-up Day. While they are at it, they’ll clean your lots as well. All garbage removed and weeds trimmed for just $2.50 to $5. The city will haul away all trash piled at the front of the lot. Jacks will haul the rest! Help Jacks make the Grove beautiful. Leave your order for cleaning with J. H. Lown at the Jacks Company office.

    Help the Grove track team
    The Pacific Grove Athletic Club is planning a fund raiser to help the Pacific Grove Track Team. Next Tuesday, all admissions to the Colonial Theater will be donated to the team. The purpose is to help the track team make it to Watsonville next spring to participate in the county-wide competition. 2

    Divining rod3 users pronounced fakes
    Whether gold, silver, or other precious minerals may be found in the ground by means of divining rods is a question frequently asked the United States Geological Survey. The latest inquiry of this sort came from a California man who said that a person from Stockton possessed such a rod and knew well how to use it. He had found much gold and silver.
    The Survey responded by saying that if such a person so skilled existed, he could expect to immediately find himself an employee of the government as the government was as interested in finding new wealth as anyone. However, such a person does not exist. Anyone thinking that he is the possessor of such skills is asked to contact the Survey office so that a proper demonstration can be worked out. In the meanwhile, the government will continue to consider all such claimants to be fakes and charlatans.

    Side track – Tidbits from here and there

    • The Ladies Aid Society in New Monterey will host a Saturday Afternoon Social commencing at 2 pm.
    • Learn how to make your own clothes at Stetson’s the Tailor’s on Alvarado in Monterey.

    And the cost is …

    • Rent-a-machine! Use a Remington or Smith typing machine like you owned it. Three months for $5, then return or purchase for just $10 more. Contact the Remington Typewriter Company in San Francisco.
    • House cleaning made easy. Get your vacuum cleaner from L. H. Peterson for only $12.
    • Be a “homer hitter” or “clean-up” hitter. Our balls are made with cork centers. This gives your hit more force than do balls made with centers of hard rubber. Order from A. G. Spalding & Bros, 154 Gerry Street, San Francisco. $1.25 per ball is our offer. Order 12 balls for $13.

    1. Pancho Villa did establish a headquarters about 30 miles from Juarez. However, El Paso was not attacked.
    2. The school board rarely provided money for athletic events. That was a community responsibility.
    3. Divining rods (dowsing rods) have been around for centuries. Some were used in searches for water. The metal-finding rods were advertised as capable of locating treasure at great distance … or your money back. How many refunds were actually made is unknown.


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