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    Main line
    Bell to command
    Changes in command are being brought on by the chance of war with Mexico. Major-General J. Franklin Bell has recently arrived in San Francisco, dispatched there from Washington, D. C. Bell, in command of troops in the Philippines during the Spanish insurrection, and former U. S. Army Chief of Staff, has been ordered to take over-all charge in case our troops head for Mexico. Bell’s first command was of the 9th Cavalry, an all-black horse unit formed after the Civil War.

    Turkey on tap
    The first Baptist Church of Pacific Grove will serve a delicious, celebratory dinner to give thanks this Saturday. In addition to roast turkey, ham will be available as will stuffing, vegetables, salad, bons and bread, and pumpkin or mince pie, and tea or coffee. Adults eat for 50¢ each, children for 35¢ each.1

    Mediators talk while war preparation continues
    Orders received in San Francisco today were directed primarily toward California Coastal Artillery units and the state’s Signal Corps. Both groups were given specific notice to be ready to pull out. Under the new volunteer act, however, at least 75 men are needed to complete the contingents of such companies. After three weeks training, such volunteers will be added to rosters of men on call for duty. Research shows that 100% of the state units in and near San Francisco have been notified to prepare for movement. The new Volunteers Act has been extended throughout the state. Meanwhile, federal spokesmen continue negotiations with Mexican officials.

    Garrison points out need for volunteers
    The United States Secretary of War Garrison has stated that the United States should enlist a greater number of military personnel. Returning from a round of talks occurring in Vera Cruz, Mexico, the War Secretary called Mexico’s fighting ability ominous. Garrison also called negotiation’s progress nonexistent. No details for the failure was made public.
    Later, Secretary Garrison said that only the good work of U. S. General Frederick Funston had prevented war thus far. Funston had revealed the identification of troops moving from southern Mexico to northern areas nearer the American border. Funston also said that the problem for the United States was having to deal with three separate bands of Mexican’s at the same time. Constitutionalists, for instance, cannot speak in behalf of the Federalists or the Rebels under Pancho Villa.

    Maxwell on exhibition
    The Culp Bros Garage has just received an exhibition model of the 1914 Maxwell. This sturdy auto mobile features a foldaway cloth top, white wall tires, a spare tire, an open-out windshield, a monometer hood ornament, and other paraphernalia. Other optional equipment is available. The model 25 just received by the Culp Bros. Garage on Lighthouse carries a suggested manufacturer’s retail price of $1,325. Terms can be worked out. Ask the operator for Black 254 to schedule a test drive. A deposit of 10% will get your new car ordered. 2

    Library Report
    The Quarterly report of the Carnegie Library of Pacific Grove was made this week at a meeting of the library board. Adult General reading measured out at 2,121 books. Books relating to philosophy numbered 25, juvenile reading 32, philosophy 10, travel 32, adult fiction 1,660, and juvenile fiction 299. Total books read numbered 1,021. 1,050 people came to the library to use the reading room. The library soon plans to approach the city trustees and ask for permission to buy additional books.

    Women’s Clubs meets
    The annual meeting time invested by Grove women in woman’s clubs totaled 45,051 hours. This report was made by Mrs. Ralph Olmstead.

    Well water anyone?
    Notice has been made that well water is being brought up and placed in tankers. No report of this activity has been made by any man or woman in service. It’s a matter for volunteers only. Care to speculate as to why a mobile water supply is needed?

    Calvary troop returns
    The Presidio of Monterey’s Troop M, First Calvary, has returned home after a training ride to Yosemite.

    Side track: Tidbits from here and there

    • Get cleaned by the Del Monte Laundry. We offer the lowest prices in own. Free pickup and delivery.
    • William Sutton left this morning for San Francisco where he plans to enlist in the army.
    • Mr. W. H. Varien has returned from Modesto where he participated in a shooting tournament.
    • Piano Tuner P. C. Tucker will be in the Grove for two weeks beginning December 11th. Make reservations for piano tuning now! Contact the Review for an appointment.

    And the cost is …

    • Rent Smith Premier Typewriters with carrying case. $3 a month. $31 a year. Contact Smith Typewriters in San Francisco.
    • The Pacific Grove Review is now being home delivered. Get acquainted offer. $1.50 a year. Regular price: 40¢ a month. Delivered daily except Sunday.
    • Save on freight rates to the Grove. $25 or more in gardening equipment and supplies delivered free by horse and buggy from Santa Clara Valley Nurseries, Gilroy. Max Crow, Proprietor.
    • Whole boiling hens. Defeathered and cleaned. 5¢ a pound. Raised by James Smith. Leave your order at the Review.

    Author notes …
    1. Thanksgiving was not officially tied to Thursday until 1941. Roosevelt declared Thanksgiving an active holiday falling on the third Thursday of each November.
    2. Formerly the Maxwell-Briscoe Company, Maxwell remained in business only until the mid 1920s.
    3. During the Victorian era, many private homes had parlor pianos which required periodic tuning.

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