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    Salves don’t work
    The old-fashioned beauty of youthful skin has been of concern to women for generations. Salve after salve has been tried … without success. That’s because eczema is the culprit and eczema is extremely difficult to cure. Now such is no longer the case. Our DDD lotion does the trick. For years, DDD has been sold to dedicated patients all over Europe. Stories of success are myriad. Now we are available in America and we want you to try DDD. Clip this ad and take it to your drug store. For one week only, the pharmacist will be happy to exchange the ad for a small bottle of DDD, absolutely free. Do it now! This trial costs you not one cent and you will soon see the benefits of DDD. 1

    Rodeo date set
    Los Angeles is the place and now there is a date. Breeders Trotting Association and the California Rodeo Commission have jointly selected the dates of July 25th through August 2nd, 1915, for the next big week in international rodeo. In all, nine full days will be jammed with fun, excitement, parades, and competition. The rodeo will feature a street carnival and a horse race open to all comers. Need a ride? The railroad is offering special rates to and from Los Angeles. Just ask for a lift to see the rodeo. Taxis and carriages are available at the depot. The Salinas rodeo will now select dates not in competition with the Los Angeles event.

    Knowles no longer naked
    Joseph Knowles, the Boston artist who spent a year wandering the woods of New England entirely naked says that he has proven what can be endured by man. Knowles said that he was headed west to repeat the feat in the woods near Mount Shasta. Bitter outcries from nearby residents seem to have changed Knowles’ mind about his lack of attire, however. The naturist has stated that he will don a loincloth when around people.

    Carranza and Villa split
    It has been learned that the split between Mexican Generals Pancho Villa and Venustiano Carranza is now complete. Villa considers himself a Rebel while Carranza has gone over more strongly to the Constitutionalists. Villa became incensed after Carranza appointed General Natera, rather than himself, to head the northern force of the constitutionalists. This act, for the first time, made clear the relationship between Villa and Carranza. In retaliation, Villa declared that he no longer answered to Carranza’s orders and he assumed control of Juarez and vicinity. General Chan, formerly in charge of the Juarez area, has gone over to Villa. General Villa wired Carranza to say that he intended to move southward toward Mexico City as soon as his troops had rested. That was considered bad news by the Carranza forces and good news by the American population of El Paso. 2

    Civic Club to serve tea
    The hospitality committee of the Civic Club has announced that it will serve tea and homemade cookies after the group’s next regular meeting. At a cost of 15¢ per participant, the event is viewed as a fund raiser.

    Claude Belmont guilty
    It appears to the Pacific Grove Review that in the crime of fraudulently concealing property to reduce the terms of his divorce, Mr. Claude Belmont is guilty as charged. The Review hopes that the court agrees and will order Mr. Belmont to stand trial forthwith.

    Side track
    Tidbits from here and there…

    • Remember Mr. Joseph Wilkes as a special election candidate for the position of Pacific Grove’s Justice of the Peace.
    • Get your tickets for Belshazzar’s Feast early! See particulars in advertisement on page 4, this issue.
    • The Italian games will be played next weekend. Brioche and apple cider will be available at 15¢ a serving. Sponsored by the Italian Society of Pacific Grove. Anyone may enter.
    • Moving? Remember that we move the world. We are McCoy’s Moving and Transfer. Trunks, suitcases, and portmanteaus are our specialty.
    • Mrs. Flora Davis came in from the family ranch last evening and will occupy the family’s cottage on Lighthouse for the duration of the winter season. Miss Davis intends to resume planting n the spring.
    • Mr. Fred O’Brian, editor of the Chico Enterprise, passed away this past weekend. Funeral arrangements will be announced.
    • Lost! A yellow canary escaped from the left-open door of its cage yesterday. Finder please notify Miss Annie Ames at 688 Laurel, Pacific Grove, and receive reward.
    • Miss Mary Walters delivered a very interesting lecture on Theosophy in the Civic Club House Thursday evening, last. A sizeable audience was on hand to greet the speaker.

    And the cost is …

    • Check our specials displayed in our front window every day. This week, get Caballera Hermosa, the natural hair color restorer in a 12 oz. bottle for just $1. Manufactured by the Natural Hair Color Restoration Company, 830 Market Street, San Francisco. Sold by Cramer’s at 547 Lighthouse Ave.
    • Three-piece tailored suits that you would pay $30 for elsewhere, yours for just $16 from Stetson. The Tailor. 452 Alvarado Street, Monterey. For a measuring appoint- ment ask the operator to connect you with 133.
    • After one year on Broadway, it’s coming to the Peninsula. See the greatest play of the day, the international success: Bought and Paid For. One night only at Monterey Theater. Thursday, February 11th. Seating prices: 50¢, $1, $1.50. Standing room, 35¢. Advance ticket purchase on sale at Long & Gretter’s Drug Store.

    Author notes …
    1. Eczema is a form of dermatitis, an inflammation of the skin. The DDD lotion contained a calcineurin inhibitor so it would today have been expected to be about 35% effective.
    2. After decreeing that only civilians could become Mexico’s presidents, Carranza was murdered a few months later by a coalition of military generals.


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