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    Mr. Businessman, your ad would serve you well, published right here. Whether you are local or out-of-town, hundreds will read what you have to say or sell. Need art work? We can help. The Pacific Grove Review is a member of the American Press Association. Edward Clarence Brown, Editor and Publisher. Our phone number is Main 15.

    Visit our museum
    The Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History has made itself into one of the grandest places to visit anywhere in the Grove. 1 Folks who return time and again find that the theme of museum exhibits changes now and again. Right now, for instance, you can learn all about coastal tide pools, which is a fascinating subject. The previous theme was coastal grasses and natural hiding places within.
    If you are interested in lending a hand, the board meets on the first Monday (for now) of each month. Reservations are not required. Just stop on by. This summer, the museum is going to try staying open until 10 each evening, so extra help will be required. Open to the public every day.

    Study your nose!
    Your facial ornament, the nose, strains impurities, moistens, and heats the air you draw in through the proboscis.  It is also a catcher of microbe-catching mucus and flem. However, except when we have something like a cold or the flu, we scarcely give the nose or carrying a handkerchief, a single thought.
    Even so, the nose is not only one of our most handsome features, it keeps us in good-health with very little effort. It is also surprising how much can be told about family lines. Big or small, we probably resemble mom or dad.All air that is taken into the lungs should be at a temperature of almost 100 degrees. To accomplish this, the nose acts on the principle of a steam roller or a furnace, cooling or heating the air on the way to the lungs. The Almighty maker of the human being designed a lining for the nose that contains a salt-water based mucus. It is this mucus that causes nose to be “runny” during times of ill health, because there is more gunk to be gotten rid of.
    All in all, having a nose seems like a very good thing, so—if you will excuse me—I am going to blow mine!

    Polo on skates
    At the roller polo game played at the Pavilion tank Thursday evening, the Monterey team beat the Pacific Grove team by a score of 4 o 1. During the match, Monterey took an almost immediate lead of 2 to 0. Carl Zwynager, the group’s outstanding player, then scored 1 point and, with that, was all done for the remainder of the game while Monterey scored twice more in the second half. Monterey’s best skater, Rob Hayes, accounted for two of his team’s scores. PG’s Zwynager works as a part time carpenter in the afternoons and attends classes in the mornings, but the youngster promised heavy evening practice before next week’s game against the Presidio. That match will be played Saturday afternoon. The team would appreciate having a larger crowd of spectators.

    Distinguished guests here
    Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Nesmith, who moved to Fresno 22 years ago in order to take up farming, have returned to consider retiring here. During their visit, the couple will be staying with Jud, Mr. Nesmith’s cousin. Mr. Nesamith says that he is getting too old to farm much longer.

    Teacher in sanitarium
    Teacher Miss Sylvia Fletcher, from Yerrington 3, Nevada, has arrived in this area to spend the next three months in one of our excellent sanitariums. Miss Fletcher teaches elementary children and although her class is small, the students have been wearing on her nerves. Miss Fletcher says that the sanitarium combined with the good weather here should set everything to rights. Her father, who once taught at a Canadian private school, has agreed to fill in temporarily for his daughter.
    Perhaps Miss Fletcher should check on the possibility of teaching here. 

    Side tracks (Tidbits from here and there)

    • Oh boy! Abalone makes great salad, good soup, wonderful steak, and fantastic fritters. Offered by the Point Lobos Deep Sea Abalone Company, fresher than tomorrow!
    • Master Harry Abby of Monterey paid a visit to the Grove this past weekend. The rumor is that Harry may have had his knees set to knocking by one of our Grove’s little darlings. No word yet on the young lady’s identity.
    • At Phillip’s, we have rolls of attractive wall paper starting at 50₵ a roll.

    And the cost is…

    • Rent the Civic Club meeting room at a special price. One half day is yours for $4. Posted by J. A. Phoebe, director.
    • Paul’s offers high-class, low-cost furniture…lightly used. Wooden, straight-back kitchen chairs for just 95₵ each. Re-paint the chairs yourself.
    • The Cash Grocers offers one type price to all…low. Fresh asparagus, 30₵ per bundle. Steam in butter; yum, yum.
    • A complete, infant’s nursery outfit and carriage. Eleven items in set. Cost is $20 for everything.

    Author’s notes…

    1. The Grove still holds that distinction.
    2. Editor Brown might have done well investing some time in investigating the nose a bit.
    3. Yerrington was a tiny mining community whose children went to school only when they felt like it.  Sylvia’s father had given up teaching to seek a fortune in gold. Some of Sylvia’s mental problems seem related to dad.

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