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    Main line
    Eshleman goes to Pullman Company
    Mr. John Eshleman, who serves the Pacific Grove territory for Southern Pacific, made it clear that he is abandoning his post here to take up work with the Pullman Company, Denver office. “Pullman is manufacturing magnificent sleeping cars for rail- road use,” he said, “and that appeals to me.” Eshleman will become General Manager for the Colorado territory.
    Mr. S. M. Dean, NYC, stated that the Pullman Company has received many complaints about the products coming from its Denver office. These complaints include the duplication of orders so that Pullman could provide two items for each item actually requested and sold. The Denver office has also been short-changing customers on the quality of certain items such as sleeping pillows.
    From San Francisco comes word that the Pullman Company is not doing right by its customers and workers, but Eshleman made it clear that he intends to set things straight. His first task will be to build training sessions for all employees. “Ignorance is no excuse for shady services and products,” Eshleman said.
    Eshleman also indicated that Pullman is not doing right by the porters who work for it. “Eighty percent of these coloreds fail to remain with the company,” Eshleman said, “I intend to see that everyone is earning a living wage for himself and his family and no one is starving to death.”
    Eshleman will make the move to Denver within the next few weeks. He plans to take space on a sleeper to see what’s up.

    All’s quiet in Mexico
    There seems to be a cease fire in Mexico, even without an agreement. President Woodrow Wilson has adopted a policy of “watchful waiting” which is working out so far. Wilson, however, favors the forces of Venustiano Carranza. Pancho Villa seems to be enlarging the size of his army in the area surrounding Juarez.1

    In congress, house concurs with repeal
    Congress has voted overwhelmingly in favor of repealing the act giving United States ships free-passage when crossing through the Panama Cannel. The problem is that the signature of President Woodrow Wilson is required before the repeal becomes law, and it does not appear that Wilson is eager to get out ink and pen. Wilson is known to favor the absence of trust busting in the courts in favor of the newly founded Federal Trade Commission.2

    Caveman woos girl
    Frank Turner, a milkman also known as Caveman Turner, made a torrid attempt at romance after spying pretty 19 years old Miss Rosie Hogan early this morning. The sheriff was immediately summoned. Caveman professed doing nothing illegal or immoral. Caveman did admit, however, that he had been in love with Rosie for quite some time. Turner had seen Rosie on several occasions as he wended his way through his morning rounds. After listening to his tale, Rosie admitted that Caveman might not be such a bad fellow to be courted by. Miss Hogan then refused to press charges

    Free soup
    Completely remodeled, Damewoods Café has now reopened and is serving food from 6 am until 9 pm daily. Customers may choose cafeteria style or table service. An all-you-can eat cafeteria style lunch is yours for 75ȼ. Drink and desert included. To encourage visitors, Damewoods is offering a free cup of coffee or a free cup of soup. Stop by and look around. You’ll like what you see!

    Notice to creditors
    The Superior Court of the State of California gives notice, in the case of Robert Martin, deceased, that all persons having claims against the estate should provide evidence of same, within thirty days of the appearance of this notice, at the law offices of H. G. Jorgenson, Esquire, located within the Rowe Building.

    Side track
    Tidbits from here and there

    • Are you interested in pure foods? Then shop at B. M. Childs Groceries where the freshest of everything is featured. Connect by telephone with phone number 1874 for delivery service!
    • Harris Real Estate offers improved property and choice lots for sale. Need to be away? We’ll take full charge of your property while you are gone. Notary Public service available. 371 Lighthouse, P. G.
    • Insure comfort for yourself and your loved ones. Coast Valley Gas & Electric will provide a Reliable gas heating/cooking stove when you sign on for one year of gas service. Why not? Coast Valley is in business to provide service!
    • We’ll pay the highest price possible for your used furniture. Come to 244 Alvarado in Monterey or telephone Mnty 202W and arrange a home visit to get our bid.
    • A fireproof garage for your prized auto mobile. Pacific Grove Garage on Grand Avenue in the Grove offers superior work. Fully guaranteed! Drop by for an estimate. Monostats installed free when other work is done.3

    And the cost is …

    • 1914 Studebaker now on hand for inspection. Timpkin bearings. Left hand drive. Price is $1,150 at T. A. Work. Compare with more expensive auto mobiles. We serve Monterey and Pacific Grove where we are authorized agents. Easy terms. Order your machine today!
    • Eleven bars of laundry soap available for 50ȼ from Fisher’s Grocery. We’ll give you a $2.50 value in Green Stamps for each 50ȼ spent on Swift’s Soap products.
    • House cleaning made easy with the Acme hand-pumped vacuum cleaner. $12.50 at Culp Bros.
    • A Girl from the Sunny South and The Leper’s Coat are showing this weekend at the Colonial. Both flickers play in two reels. Both are Rex Dramas. Adults, 20ȼ a seat. Children, 15ȼ a seat. Lap children are free.4
    • Put your feet first! Allan’s foot ease is the ultimate treatment for tired, aching feet. Remember, Allan is the man who put the two EEs in feet. See your pharmacist for a free sample of our talc or purchase for 35ȼ a can.

    Author notes …
    1. Pancho Villa did not peak until 1916.
    2. Woodrow Wilson was quite a rounder. Before becoming President he served as a collegiate debate instructor and a football coach. Wilson also enjoyed autos, preferring a Pierce-Arrow for himself.
    3. A monostat was an engine heat measuring device replacing the thermostat cap and looking like decoration.
    4. Rex Drama was a Hollywood firm touting itself as the successor to Greek theatre.

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