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    Main line
    Race set
    The Good Roads Club has announced an auto mobile race from Pacific Grove to Carmel and return. All auto mobile types are permitted entry. Members may be enrolled to race for just $1. Non-members are just $1.05. The extra 5¢ is the fee for membership. All entered autos will be on display Saturday along Lighthouse Avenue. The race commences at 1 pm on Sunday. Racing times include a thirty minute, mandatory break in Carmel. Entries may sign on at Long & Gretters. Drivers of open-air auto mobiles should bring dusters and goggles. All should transport at least five gallons of water and a little extra fuel. A drawing for a new Mitchell seven-passenger also will be held. Racers will start from Lighthouse, drive to Carmel, and return to Lover’s Point where a picnic will be enjoyed before the new-car drawing is held. All proceeds are for the benefit of improved roads in and around Pacific Grove.1

    Toll repeal in limbo
    Although both houses voted in favor of repealing the Panama Canal Toll Act, no word has come from the White House about the President’s signing intentions. It is known that Woodrow Wilson has swayed back and forth on the matter. Shipping concerns are adamantly opposed to charging a tariff for American ships wishing to cross from the Atlantic or Pacific to the Pacific or Atlantic via the newly completed Panama Canal. Wilson has pledged, however, not to give in to big business concerns.3

    Highway from Valley to Grove
    At an enthusiastic meeting of Fresno businessmen, members of the Commercial Club unanimously vowed to support construction of a highway running from Fresno to Pacific Grove. The State Highway Commission will be urged to give attention to building this linking road. The road will eventually link up with King City. Mr. R. J. Pardee, leader of the Fresno commission, pointed out that the road would be simple to build because of the flat terrain. The only height encountered would be across the hilly range which would possibly be crossed at Pacheco Pass. The many people attending the meeting, in the hope of speaking, unanimously favored the road.4

    Crop conditions were favorable
    Last season’s crop returns, which are now in, appear most favorable. The summer was blessed with warmer months than have been previous years, a factor which increased crop growth considerably The average temperature clung to about six degrees warmer than normal. As a result, fast and furious growth. Sacramento area orchards reported having more fruit ready to be picked than could be shipped. Grain storage bins were topped out.

    Railroads helping prevent accidents
    Representatives of railroads from across the state of California met in Santa Cruz to discuss an important topic: How to prevent accidents. The Southern Pacific participated. Increasing the number of brakemen per train was strongly suggested. One brakeman per every six cars is now required. Opponents argued that an increase in the number of brakemen would increase operating costs considerably. Advocates stated that accident prevention was a more important consideration than cost increases, which could be passed along to shippers. The conference decided to allow each railroad to decide the number of brakemen per train, so long as at least one brakeman per six cars was provided. 5

    Pancho Villa attends funeral
    A response has finally come to those wondering about the abnormal quiet of Generalissimo Francisco Villa. The Rebel leader has slipped south to attend the funeral of his dear friend Abraham Gonzales, it is rumored. With the burial completed, Villa is looking for those responsible for the murder. Villa is reported to have said that he now intends to return to Juarez, near El Paso, to continue fighting. Meanwhile, President Woodrow Wilson has disavowed Francisco Villa as a member of Mexico’s ruling party.

    Side track
    Tidbits from here and there

    • All are invited to visit the new facilities of the Pacific Grove Board of Trade.
    • Walter Norris has announced himself as a special election candidate who wishes to fill the position of Attorney General for Monterey County.
    • Mrs. Gertrude Farrar of Gilroy is in the Grove for a holiday’s visit. Mrs. Farrar says that after the summer season’s Gilroy heat, she enjoys the Grove’s cool breezes,
    • Mr. A. J. Adair of Santa Cruz is in town on business.

    And the cost is …

    • I’ll remake your old mattress into a new one for just $12.50. Alfred Hauser. 436 16th. Connect your phone to 464J.
    • Start the year right with a honey-cured ham from B. M. Childs. 20¢ a pound.
    • Winston’s Garage will show you a new, seven-passenger Mitchell that you can win. And we’ll award you a free drawing ticket for each ticket purchased for $1. Also join the Good Roads Club for just 5¢ more.
    • Ladies! Get a silk petticoat lined in heavy muslin. Great for wash day attire or for wearing on the street. $1.95 each at the Emporium on Alvarado Street in Monterey. Buy two and we’ll pay your street car fare.
    • Culp Bros. is offering discounts on 10, 20, or 40 watt electrical bulbs. Your choice is just 30¢ per bulb.
    • Enjoy a BLT sandwich for New Years. Mr. B. M. Childs will provide the bacon for just 25¢ a pound.2 Curnow & Curnow has imported lettuce and ripe tomatoes waiting.
    • Stay warm! We have all sorts of used stoves available, starting at $2.50. Buy from us and we will deliver. The Second Hand Furniture Store on Alvarado in Monterey. Come in and look around!

    Author notes …
    1. The race route went first to Monterey, up the Carmel Grade, to Carmel, and return. Almost 40% of entered cars didn’t make it.
    2. Pork products were the 1914 food-of-choice for New Years fests.
    3. Wilson favored leaving such matters in the hands of the federal reserve.
    4. The Valley-Grove Road eventually became California Highways 86 and 126.
    5. Two brakemen ensconced in a caboose were required until the mid 1900s. The legal necessity for both brakemen and caboose was then removed.

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