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    Main line
    Postmasters at Santa Cruz
    Your mail should arrive in orderly fashion this week! That’s because all third and fourth class postmasters of California are gathered nearby, namely at Santa Cruz. That community had previously been announced as favored over a southern-site runner up. Why Santa Cruz? That’s an easy question to answer. The Boardwalk and theme park. Opened on Beach Street nearly three decades ago, the Santa Cruz amusements park was created as a magnet for visitors and conferences. The old Santa Cruz & Fenton Railway, now known as Pacific Coastal, still runs across the Santa Cruz Mountains to make connections with Southern Pacific. Postmasters can thus travel around the bay to Pacific Grove. It is hoped that at least several of the postmasters will choose to visit the Grove. Whether or not the availability of the amusements center influenced the postmaster’s decision as to where to meet is not known. Area pundits allege that it did. Should the Grove consider such a park along our beautiful coastline?1

    Nevada teacher here
    Miss Sylvia Howe, a teacher from Yerrington, Nevada is in town. It is being whispered that Miss Howe is being sought as a teacher at Pacific Grove high school. Her father teaches at a private academy in Nevada where he is considered an authority on all matters educational. Miss Howe was escorted by Mrs. F. M. White on a trip around the Seventeen Mile Drive. If that inducement doesn’t work, nothing will. Miss Howe said that she enjoyed the drive in an open-air auto mobile. Far fewer Nevadans than Californians own this newfangled transportation.

    Royal Arch quits
    From several sources, including the Pajaronian newspaper, has come word the Watsonville chapter of the Golden Arch has folded. The charter has been returned to the national office after the few remaining members voted the secret society out of business. All physical assets remaining will be turned over to charities such as the YMCA. After outstanding bills are paid, cash on hand will be passed along to the national office, as required by charter.

    Captain disappears
    Capt. Harry Shields, dispatched to Vera Cruz to participate in peace talks, has disappeared. Shields was said to have been last seen headed south by train. Shields was thought to have crossed the border at El Paso, then boarded at the depot in Juarez. Juarez serves as a hot bed of military activity by Generalissimo Pancho Villa. Shields may have been wrested from the train by members of Franco’s rebel army and killed or secreted elsewhere for questioning about American intentions. The disappearance is thought to be related to the Tampico affair which motivated the landing of a contingency of U. S. marines. The President has sent word to Villa that he expects an immediate apology and the return of Shields or his body. This incident may make a U. S. invasion of Mexico more likely.2

    Is it difficult to follow?
    A young man stopped by our livery stable to apply for work. Thinking the youngster looked promising and being in need of a hand, the livery manager hired him. The fellow’s first assignment was to trim and polish the horse’s hoofs, a job the chap finished in an astoundingly short time. After the manager went to have a look-see, he noticed that only the front hoofs had been done. Declaring the job only half finished, the man was asked why. He replied that the front hoofs were the only important parts. “Where the front ones go, the back ones has got to follow.”

    Monterey County ideal
    A resent assessment of Monterey County has revealed this region as the perfect watershed with plenty of water for irrigation. The report encouraged newcomers to consider the county’s interior rather than crowding around the coastal rim. See Monterey County Real Estate Exchange for information on buying a farm or under- or undeveloped land. As low as $5 per acre. Terms can be arranged with ten percent down. Trades for city property available.

    Side track
    Tidbits from here and there

    • Enjoy snapping your own pictures? Your exposed film will be developed by Kodak on velum paper for long-lasting clarity. Send your film to Webbs in San Jose. For each roll developed, we’ll send you a new one!
    • Your proper waist size will be recognized immediately when you wear a Barclay Custom Corset. Capable women to serve as sales reps wanted. Write to Barclay Corset Company, Newark, NJ.
    • J.H. Lohan will haul your garbage. Leave your order at my home or at the Review office. I am at 412 Willow Street.
    • A deep sincerity should be the first concern of all good men.

    And the cost is …

    • Southern Pacific’s spring and summer excursion rate reduced when you purchase now. Mount Shasta and return, $21.10. Regular price is $23.10.
    • We’ll get your patent for you! With more than 65 years’ experience, we work cheap. Complete package of services costs just $4. Send your ideas to Munn Company, New York.
    • We have more than 100 waist styles in stock. Now on sale is your basic waist at $1.25 or your fancy, two color waist at $3.95. The Emporium.

    Author notes …
    1. A theme park? Not likely. The Grove was too laid back and reticent to seriously consider a theme park. The old Santa Cruz & Fenton Railway railway still operates as a tourist train, steaming back and forth along an eight miles course.
    2. Traveling south clear to Vera Cruz, located near the coast of central Mexico, by rail would have been difficult, at best. Sailing ships were readily available. Did the event occur? Was it a put-up deal to worsen relations between Mexico and the United States? The truth will never be known.
    U. S. marines occupied Veracruz for several months, allegedly to protect peacemakers.
    3. With the increasing use of embalming, bodies were often placed on public display for weeks.

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