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    Why does God permit evil?
    One of the questions which comes to every thinking mind now and then is: Why does God permit evil? As we look about the world, we observe that it is filled with sorrow and with trouble. We cannot help wondering why God allows this. We realize that God is almighty and that He could prevent tribulation if He wished to. We read in his Word that God is more willing to do for his children than earthly parents are willing to do for theirs. We should also read “The Divine Plan of the Ages.” Therein, we’ll find the answer to this and to other questions. Every statement is backed by Scripture. This book is published in English, German, Dutch, French, Greek, Hungarian, Spanish, and Polish. It’s 355 pages long, is cloth-bound, and sells for 85¢. Order your copy from the B &T Society, 17 Hicks Street, Brooklyn, NY. 1

    Escapee captured
    Arrested in San Diego yesterday by the police of that city, Claude C. Belmont, who is wanted for fleeing Monterey County after being charged with fraud and with intent to commit fraud, was jailed while arrangements are made for the return of the wanted man. Belmont is expected to arrive in this county no later than Friday, next. Belmont’s pulling out of Monterey County, taking with him his purloined cash, came as a shock to many. The accused had paid off all his creditors and gained considerable good will … with hot checks. The checks, written on Citizen’s Bank of Los Angeles, totaled about $20,000. Sheriff Nesbitt wired San Diego to inquire about bail, which was, he was advised, $500 plus cost. Nesbitt plans to request having that bail transferred to Monterey County. The original warrant for the arrest of Belmont had been issued by Justice of the Peace Ernst Michaelis. Attorney Jorgenson, Monterey, is acting in behalf of the accused.

    Benefits of Chautauqua
    For all those lamenting our Chautauqua as outdated and not needed comes the following word. The Times of Bel Aire, Maryland, has published a documentary which should prove of great interest to all nay sayers. The people of their community, reports the Times, appreciate the Chautauqua to the last person. The Chautauqua always provides a summer of great intrigue and draws much money and attention to the community. The idea behind the Chautauqua is to help participants think better, learn better, live better, and to be better … which Chautauqua does! Chautauqua kindles the smoldering fires of civic pride. It even helps school children love their books. It gives the public a greater confidence. William Jennings Bryan says: “The platform of Chautauqua furnishes a most excellent means of reaching and teaching the masses.”
    Long live our Chautauqua of the Grove!

    Canal repeal bill passes
    Repeal of the Panama Canal tolls exemption for American shipping passed the Senate by a vote of 50 to 35. The bill now goes back to the House which is expected to accept the bill, including the Simmons-Norris amendment specifically reserving all such rights in the future for the United States. The bill passed after a bitter struggle. Thirteen Republicans had to come to the aide of Democrats to garner passage. American shipping line owners are incensed. The question now is whether President Wilson will sign. The President has been threatening veto. Whether there are enough votes to override veto remains to be seen. 2

    Board of Trade
    The Pacific Grove Board of Trade has placed a sizable banner over its entrance for purpose of identifying the location. Visitors are encouraged to stop by. The facility is available for activities of every sort from those sponsored by a single person to those sponsored by a large corporation. The center is now featuring a historic exhibit.

    War is Quiet
    Word has been sent from El Paso, Texas, that all is quiet along the border. Although guards have been set by the Americans, no one has reported a recent sighting of Generalissimo P. Villa. Rumors hold that the rebel leader is gathering arms and increasing funds for continuing the war. The peace talks are to resume shortly.

    Track team benefit
    The Pacific Grove track team has announced that its fund drive will take place at the Colonial Theater. On the program are a plethora of humorous skits, dialogues, dramatics, songs, and instrumental music. All proceeds benefit the track team. Plan now to attend. Saturday, next, at 2 pm.

    Side track
    Tidbits from here and there

    • Wm. W. Shields has declared himself a candidate for the post of Constable, Pacific Grove Township.
    • Get fine grade white fir from the Union Supply Company, 630 Lighthouse.
    • Walter E. Norris has declared himself a candidate for the position of District Attorney for Monterey County.
    • Insure the warmth and comfort of your home with a Reliable gas stove from Coast Valley Gas & Electric.
    • Get on or off at any stop or we’ll flag-stop for you! Southern Pacific. There are attractions every few miles along our lines. See C. R. Estabrook, passenger agent.
    • The Del Monte Laundry will pick up and deliver for free. Low cost cleaning done!

    And the cost is …

    • You can have your wood delivered by the cord for $6.25. Coal is $7 per half ton. Order from the Pacific Improvement Company at 161 Fountain or ask the operator for number 530.
    • Make your feet feel great with Allen’s Foot Powder. He’s the man who put two Es in feet! 35¢ a tin. For a free sample, write to Allen’s at 125 S. Olmstead, Leroy, NY. Buy at your local drug store.
    • Oh say can you see? Culp Bros. is having a special on electrical lighting. Your choice of 10, 20, or 40 watt bulbs for just 35¢. Located on Lighthouse.

    Author notes …
    1. B & T stood for Bible and Tract Society, an evangelical group.
    2. An interesting side note: President Woodrow Wilson, blind in one eye, was a former football player.


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