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    Main line
    SP pensioners feted
    It’s certainly a lovely Monday for all who once worked for the Southern Pacific Railroad. The S. P. Railroad summoned all former workers to San Francisco to attend its annual reunion and shoulder-patting event. Transportation from any depot served by SP was provided.
    Before dining, an officer of SP offered a lengthy eulogy applauding reaching across the nation to drive the golden spike at Promontory, Utah.1 It was from that singular deed, he alleged, that America drew its subsequent greatness. An imitation of the “last spike” was presented to Stanford University to place on display.
    The next speaker touted the Panama Canal and advocated crossing Mexican and South American territory to reach the passageway. With the war going on in Mexico, his desire may have been a jest.
    A traveling display of photographs and documents relating to S. P. development was then unveiled. The railroad plans to send the exhibit around the state, displayed in a r. r. car. The display ranged from a powder horn used by hunters hired to kill the buffalo used to feed workers to a modern rail switching device.
    Dinner was then served, composed of oysters-on-the half-shell as appetizers, salad, roast beef au juice, mashed potatoes with gravy, candied yams, asparagus in cheese sauce, and pumpkin or pecan pie.
    Celebrants arrived home this afternoon, supposedly thoroughly stuffed.

    Peace envoys named by Uncle Sam
    Word has come from Juarez that the most distant battle in the current war is being fought near Tampico. Constitutionalists hope for a favorable outcome. It is reported that ground fires are extensive. Much of the pueblo is on fire and a massive explosion was heard coming from therein. The wire did not mention there being an armory at Tampico, but it is believed that to have been the source of the explosion. Foreigners have been told to leave.
    Meanwhile, another attempt at peace is underway. Uncle Sam has designated envoys to participate in peace talks to be held at Vera Cruz. Mr. Joseph Maurice will be in charge of the six delegates, Maurice included. Pancho Villa has not responded and it is not yet known whether the northern rebels are willing to participate.

    Troops may be ordered to Vera Cruz
    Private Parks may have simply disappeared and not have been killed, as previously reported. Regardless, the American peace envoy made preparations to leave Washington, DC, on the road to Vera Cruz. Uncle Sam, however offered Key West as the site for peace talks, an offer that is expected to generate little enthusiasm among Mexicans. The Juarez delegation has already departed, although expressing fear of Rebels in the Vera Cruz area. The United States has offered to dispatch a protective troop of Marines.2 While gallant, the offer may also be refused, if not by the Constitutionalists by the Rebels.

    Fresno productive, should be considered
    Fresno and surroundings are widely known as productive areas of rapid growth. Right in the midst of this splendid cornucopia, right up against the city of Fresno, and right in the path of the most explosive growth lies the property of Bullard Lands Irrigated. This property has groves of figs, oranges, peach, and apricots on three sides, and a vineyard on the fourth. All are watered. The railroad will soon be completed making transportation to and from the Grove a snap. Most roads have been graded and a few have been Macadamized.
    Right now the Bullard Land Irrigated Company has divided 2 1⁄2 miles alongside the road from Bullard’s headquarters to the city into residential lots, each 120 feet in length and adequately deep for a little farming. Bullards will be glad to provide you with water for irrigation and home use. Bullards will also provide terms that make such a purchase possible. Come by the Review office to discuss your purchase. A free booklet will be provided.3

    Side track
    Tidbits from here and there 

    • Mr. Harry Henwich, athletic director and football coach at Visalia, is in town. Mr. Henrich is being interviewed for a similar job in the Grove. Henrich promises build- ing P. G. football fortunes. Salinas needs to be beat!
    • Real estate transfer. Carmel Investment Company has exchanged a lot in Carmel- by-the-Sea for a Pacific Grove lot of equal size.4
    • Excuse the climate. A cold wave has sent the chills across our area.
    • Palace Drugs on Alvarado in Monterey can bring music into your home. Palace has a full line of Victor and Edison talking machines. A number of recordings on wax are also available. Palace sells at San Francisco prices!
    And the cost is …

    • Waist Sale. The Emporium at 418 Alvarado Street, Monterey, has $1.75 value waists on sale for $1.45. Last year’s stock.
    • Seasonal cottages can now be contracted for next year. We have a one roomer, canvas sided with privy available for $13 a week. Many others available.
    • 150 watt electrical bulbs. Put some sunshine inside your home. $1.10 each at Culp Bros. on Lighthouse.
    • Work indoors this winter by wall papering your home. Our new stock has just ar- rived. Beautiful designs. Some with a velvet design brushed on. Wall paper starts at 55ȼ per roll. Look our paper over before you buy. J. K. Paul Furniture Store.
    • The previous owner did not care for horseless transportation. Hence, a 1912 model Maxwell is on sale for a mere $550.5 Also, view an exhibit of new Maxwells priced at from $835 to $1,335. Terms can be arranged on used or new purchase. See at the Culp Bros. Garage, P. G. Phone Black 854 for appointment or just walk in.
    • Get ready for a spring tour to Yosemite. Beautiful scenery and abundant water. Ten days round trip with Yosemite layover. Purchase your ticket now, complete for just $23.10. For details and reservations, see Mr. C. R. Estabrook, Station Agent, P. G.

    Author notes
    1. The last spike was driven by Leland Stanford on May 10, 1869.
    2. The Marines were established in 1775.
    3. An example of advertorial practices. This item was located on a front page.
    4. Carmel was attempting to survive and inspire growth by imitating PG’s role as a religious retreat.
    5.  Whether the Maxwell was on consignment or purchased for resale by Culp Bros. was not made clear.

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