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    The News … from 1911.

    Boardwalk’s Merry-go-round excursion planned
    Southern Pacific is cooperating with the Rebecca’s in putting together a one day excursion to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. The all-day adventure will leave Pacific Grove at 6 am and return at 6 pm. Passengers will be boarded at Monterey, Del Monte, and other stops along the way. Fare for PaGrovians is 50¢, each way.
    The Boardwalk’s new carousel is intended as the focus of the adventure. The dancing horses and extraneous décor have been crafted by master carver Charles Looff.
    Participants may carry box lunches with them, or eat at one of the many kiosks located at the Boardwalk or in the neighborhood. Snacks will be available on the train. A ride ticket on the Looff Carousel costs 5¢. All members of the exhibition receive one ticket, free of charge. I

    C of C favors Monterey Harbor
    The San Francisco Chamber of Commerce has passed a resolution favoring the appropriation by the state government of $250,000 to be used for the improvement of Monterey Harbor. News of the passage of the resolution has just been received by C. W. Peterson, chairman of the harbor improvement committee at Monterey.
    Napa, San Diego, Santa Rosa, and other cities have passed like resolutions. Additional cities will fall in line in the near future. The passage of such Chamber of Commerce resolutions will have great weight with the legislature, and there is no doubt of the appropriation being made. II

    Committee on franchises reports
    The committee on franchises made its report last week and the report was adopted with one exception. That exception, upon motion of F. A. Botsch, changed the amount of money to be paid to the city to one per cent of the company’s earnings for the first five years. Thereafter, the payment rises to 4% yearly. Upon applying to open for business, a deposit of two thousand dollars is required.

    Freeholders squabble
    The Monterey and Pacific Grove Boards of Freeholders, who are now framing new charters for the old capital and the Grove had a stormy session on Friday evening, as there was a great difference of opinion regarding the control of the schools.
    A number of the members desire that the control of the schools be the same under the new charters as it now is, while another faction is bent upon throwing the control of schools into the hands of trustees This is encouraged so that trustees will have the right of recall. No action was taken but the matter will again come up on Monday evening next.

    Boy scouts take hike
    Scouts and leaders from the newly formed troop of Pacific Grove took a Saturday hike. The boys followed the path of the 17 Mile Drive as the guests of the Pacific Improvement Company. A professional botanist from San Jose accompanied the troop to offer explanations of local plants and animals. IV

    Notes from around the area…

    • The First Church of Christ Scientist, located at 167 Fountain, invites all to a Wednesday discussion of the topic “Matter”. Be seated by 7 pm.
    • Mr. Frank Lines and Miss Mary Ready chose the San Carlos church in Monterey as the site of their upcoming Wednesday wedding. The Reverend Father R. M. Estres will officiate. Miss Ready is a sister of Mrs. A. M. Aggeler of this city and the groom, from Monterey, is an employee of the T. A. Work cutting mill

      in New Monterey. After being united, the newlyweds will retreat to Humboldt County to enjoy a brief honeymoon. After their return, they will reside in the grove.

    • The Emanuel Baptist Church, Walter E. Tanner, Pastor, has found a temporary meeting place following the recent fire that put the congregation on the street. Praise service now begins at the Pavilion Rink, corner of 14th and Lighthouse, at 7 am. Regular services begin at 10 am.
    • The optical office opened by Dr. H. Phillips in his Robson block office will ac- cept walk-ins between the hours of 9 and 11, daily.
    • It has been decided to move this summer’s weekly concerts away from the beach. Instead, the concerts will be held in the park near the museum. All who are interested in attending these Sunday afternoon presentations should keep this in mind. III

    The cost of living…

    • Remember T-bone Saturday at the Grove’s new cafeteria, the Winston dining room. 35¢ adds a delicious T-bone to your meal. Proprietor S. Winston promises that while you enjoy soup and salad, your T-bone will be prepared just the way you like it.

    Author’s Notes
    I. The Dane, Charles I. D. Looff, after a childhood of working in a woodshop, became a master builder of hand-carved amusements. He manufactured over 50 carousels, not to mention several roller coasters and Ferris wheels. The word carousel came from the Spanish carosella, which means “little battle”, because carousels were first used as a combat-preparation device for improving jousting skills. The first “for fun” carousel displayed in the U.S. appeared at a fair in Ohio in 1848. There was no platform and the horses were hung from chains so that they would fly outward as the carousel turned. After platforms were added and music tinkled sweetly in the air, carousels were often called merry-go-rounds.
    II. The breakwater at the Coast Guard dock, still in existence, was one result of this effort.
    III. Why include such trivia as this in the paragraph’s final sentence? As the editor of the Needles (California) newspaper in the 1960s, I can explain. Linotypes (typesetting machines) could not alter the size of type. Such meaningless tripe as “a good time was had by all” served as fillers, when needed.
    IV. The Boy Scouts of America has become one of the largest youth organizations in the United States, with over 4.5 million members. Since its founding in 1910, more than 110 million Americans have been members of the BSA. The Pacific Grove troop, established within a year of the organization’s national founding, at first functioned under the auspices of the Chautauqua. Chautauqua Hall, still standing, serves as a home-base to today’s scouts.

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