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    Main line
    Continuity sought
    The Auto Mobile Club of Monterey County will meet at the Pacific Grove Motel to consider continuity in auto mobiles. At stake are such items as on which side of the vehicle should the driver’s mechanisms be installed. Subsequently, an appropriate side of the road for driving will be considered. Today, mechanisms can be found on either the right hand side or left hand side, with a few positioned in the center of the machine. Driving is complicated by most drivers selecting the middle of a roadway for passage. This practice can result in a head on collision when two equally stubborn drivers meet and neither driver is willing to yield. Racing regulations are another matter under consideration. Races, which are becoming more frequent, generally occur on unrestricted right of ways. Many among the public decry this practice.

    Woodmen in stormy session
    Modern Woodmen of America administration forces won a tight one during voting that occurred during the national convention. The recommendation of the credentials committee was to preclude from admission contested delegates. Passage failed by a vote of 233 in favor to 125 opposed.

    Lecture on Theosophy
    Miss Mary Waters delivered a very interesting lecture in the Civic club, Thursday past. Miss Water’s subject was Theosophy which refers to seeking direct knowledge of self and nature. Miss Waters said the immediate goal of Theosophy was the exploration of divinity and humanity. Theosophy refers to the philosophy founded in New York City in 1875. Henry Steel Olcott and William Judge were the founders.

    Canary still lost
    Miss M. Ames reports that the canary that escaped from its cage last week is still missing. While the offer of a reward remains in place, Miss Ames fears the worst for her yellow bird.

    Rodeo set
    The Breeders Trotters and the Salinas Rodeo Association have approved the sum of $2,665 for prize money to be awarded during this summer’s rodeo. Approved events include horse racing, wild west riding, bull riding, and calf roping. An agriculture display, live stock exhibit, parade, and dances are also planned.1

    House Entry
    The cottage of J. F. Wheeler was broken into and ransacked sometime last week. Stolen were a gold watch, silverware, and cash in an amount between five dollars and ten dollars. The foul deed was discovered by Mrs. Wheeler when she arrived to prepare the cottage for a family weekend. The Wheeler’s reside in Gilroy.

    Villa nears border
    Mexican Genera Pancho Villa has moved several regiments of mounted troops near the border with America near El Paso. Dependable sources state that this is a sure sign that Villa is preparing for war with the United States. Administrators of the United States responded by moving the 12th Cavalry into position on our side of the line. Troops at the Presidio are on full alert for immediate movement. Reports hold that occasional rifle shots can be heard in El Paso.2

     Pasmore Trio to delight
    Tomorrow evening, the celebrated trio composed of the Pasmore sisters will offer a performance of delightful music and entertainment. The show will take place in the Pacific Grove Hotel dining room. Come early and enjoy an all-you-can-eat meal for $1.25 per person. This show is guaranteed to be nothing short of marvelous. Everyone should plan to attend.

    Old toll gate to go
    Leaving Del Monte or Monterey destined for Pacific Grove, the assembly point for any number of large conventions, takes travelers past the Methodist Church and to the egress of the 17 Mile Drive. There, travelers must slow in order to pass through an old fashioned toll gate that accepts coins in exchange for movement of the arms. This, however, will be the last winter for it to do so. That’s because the Pacific Improvement Company plans to remove and replace the tollgate. In its place will be a booth that must be manned. PIC stated that the booth would be colored bright green to be in keeping with the trees.

    Side track
    Tidbits from here and there…

    • The Monterey County Real Estate Exchange will take care of your housing needs. We’re at 224 Alvarado Street, Monterey. Stop in and view our photographic collec- tion of properties.
    • This newspaper is represented by the American Press Association. You get your news by wire.
    • Mrs. R. A. Putnam of Stockton has rented has rented a cottage on Congress Avenue and plans to stay there for the duration of winter.
    • Morris S. Brown is acting as administrator of the estate of George Brown, deceased.
    • S. L. Fritz has money to loan. 4.5% interest. Collateral not necessarily required. Wells Fargo Office. Pacific Grove.
    • W. C. Hathaway has rented the Allan cottage on Ninth for the summer months. The Hathaways are from Sacramento.
    • Arthur Cope has returned to school in San Francisco after a short visit with his folks in the Grove.

    And the cost is …

    • Travel to Yosemite and return on Southern Pacific. Tickets sold until August 1st. Beautiful scenery. Abundant water. $23.10. See Agent C. R. Estabrook at the Pacific Grove depot.
    • Demand the jar with the “rattle” cap and you’ll have genuine ant paste. Guaranteed to make ants disappear. 25¢ per jar. Available at all grocers and druggists.
    • Invented something? We’ll get your patent for you. More than 65 years experience and we still charge just $5. Munn & Company, 361 Broadway, New York.
    • Take train #539 to Sacramento and return to the Grove. $12.05. Flag stops are avail- able.
    • Our beautiful patterns for winter and spring begin at just $1.50. Phillips. 564 Lighthouse.

    Author notes …
    1. Wild West riding referred to bronco riding.
    2. In spite of the posturing, war with Mexico never did break out. The threat of war lasted another four years.



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