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    The News … from 1911.
    Re-opening of the Pacific Grove Hotel
    The Pacific Grove Hotel was re-opened to the public on Wednesday after having been closed for a considerable while for repairs and upgrades. There is great rejoic- ing among PaGrovians now that this popular hostelry is again catering to the traveling public. The closing of this hostelry’s doors provided a severe blow to the Grove, one that has been keenly felt by all classes.
    The hotel has been thoroughly renovated and upgraded. For instance, electric lighting has been installed to replace the former gas lighting. New paints and stains appear everywhere. Rich carpets have been thrown down.
    The scene at the opening ceremony was one of great brilliance. The kitchen produced a tempting menu, which was enjoyed by residents of Monterey and Pacific Grove without cost to diners. The meal and service was all that the most exacting epi- curean could desire. The waitresses and staff were alert to see that nothing was lacking.
    And not only was the palate considered, but the eye and the ear feasted as well, for choice musical selections were rendered by the hotel orchestra during the evening and beautiful bouquets and verdant ferns and potted plants adorned every available space in all rooms.
    Aside from the regular guests of the hotel, the following PaGrovians signed in to enjoy the dinner, music, and tours: Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Pryor, Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Bullene, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Farve, Mr. and Mrs. Charles K. Tuttle, Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Clark, Dr and Mrs. A. M. Ritchie, Mrs. H. N. Yates, Dr. L. B. Braham, Mr. Edward Gil- man, Miss Mary Gilman, Miss Florence Gilman, Miss Gladys Cahoon, Mrs. Charlotte Deming, Mrs. L. P. Hobart, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Long, Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Brown, and others.

    The Monterey County school census
    County School Superintendent Duncan Stirling has compiled the following report of the school census for Monterey County from the returns of the several census marshals. Number of families now requiring school services, 3,426. Number of children between the ages of 5 and 7 years, 1,932. Of all other school ages, white boys, 2,456. White girls, 2,383. Negro boys, 15. Negro girls, 7. Asiatic boys, 52. Asiatic girls, 26. Indian boys, 21. Indian girls, 13. Number of children who have attended (or are attending) private schools, 418. There are in the county 4,322 children who have not been vaccinated. 136 children are gainfully employed. The number of teachers currently working in the county is 127. 1
    The superintendent said that the schools in the county were never in a more flourishing condition.

    Thomas Hardy celebrates 70 years, wear only 2 waistcoats
    In London, Thomas Hardy, the celebrated novelist had a quiet celebration of his seventieth birthday at his quaint home near Dorchester. As he ages, Hardy lives in the heart of the country which he made familiar to readers the world over. Much has been said and written about Mr. Hardy’s work, but very little is known generally about the man himself. He is said to be a most difficult person to approach, but such may not truly be the case.
    For his birthday, Hardy received a visit from a PaGrovian, Sylvester Peebles, who is a pertinacious autograph seeker. Peebles reports that he was almost overwhelmed with shock when Hardy greeted him warmly and eventually presented him with several autographed copies of Hardy’s best-known works. Peeble’s said that one of the most remarkable features of the famous novelist is that he wears as many as four waistcoats, even on the hottest day. But on his birthday, Hardy wore only two. II

    Notes from around the area…

    • Miss Annie Smith, proprietress, announces room and board at the Centralia. Ask your operator to connect you with Red 293 for details.
    • The Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Company promises to place you squarely at the center of the world. We install telephones.
    • T. A. Work is bringing in quality wood for your stove and fire. Sawed to 14 inch lengths. Place your order now. Cheap!
    • Buckingham & Hecht guaranteed shoes are manufactured in San Francisco. Dur- ing the rainy months, everyone wants a pair of shoes that will hold together even though the shoes are soaked through and through. B&H’s reputation is impeccable. That is the reason for our customers having such confidence in the product.
    • Mrs. Velma Harris has been chosen as the new President of the Mayflower Women of the Congregational church. The action was taken at a Wednesday meeting.

    The cost of living…

    • Excellent hay can be yours through Secon’s Supply at $13 per ton, delivered.

      Your animals will appreciate your trouble.

    • The Pacific Grove Hotel plans on reopening soon, said the assistant manager. When it does, the same popular rates will apply although the hotel is newly renovated. That is $2.50 or $3.00 per day. A cottage costs $12 or $14 per week. Stay in the main hotel and the rate is $14 to $17 per week. All conveniences and commodities are included. See article in this issue.
    • The new Del Monte Laundry promises to keep you tidy. Cleaning of men’s three-piece suits is now on sale for 65¢. Absolutely no kerosene used. III
    • Get your broilers, fryers, and hens from W. B. Fitcher at 412 Sixteenth for as little as 12¢ a pound.

    Author’s Notes
    I. Vaccinaction was viewed by many with grave suspicion. “Vaccination” and “in- noculation” generally have the same meaning. In common usage, either is used to refer to an “immunization.” The word “vaccination” was originally used to describe the injection of smallpox vaccine.
    II.  Thomas Hardy, the English poet-novelist who wore a mustache carefully waxed and twirled into points, is perhaps most famous for his books Tess of the d’Urbervilles and Far From the Madding Crowd. Hardy is given credit for creating the literary device called the “cliffhanger”.
    III. Dry cleaning methodology originally called for the use of kerosene, which left wearers of dry cleaned clothing with a faint and objectionable odor. Modern dry cleaners often use tetrachloroethylene.

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