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    Gilroy clean-up under way
    The City of Gilroy is continuing its clean-up after last week’s inundation. After the storm, the water’s high mark was estimated at more than one foot inside buildings and more than two feet in the streets. Merchandise stored in basements has been ruined by the flood, and merchandise kept on the ground level of stores is mottled and water spotted. The new levee is broken in several places and the Southern Pacific track has been washed away between Gilroy and Sargents. Pacific Grove received only a little rain and has been spared a similar clean-up.

    Mayes seeks her fortune
    Miss Marion Mayes has departed the Grove for a bit of a between-semesters holiday visiting with friends who are now living in Nevada City. Miss Mayes said that among the activities she plans to enjoy will be a bit of panning for silver or gold. Those precious metals are thought to still be available in the area although most heavy mining has shut down. The Review wishes Miss Mayes good luck in finding one or the other of the metals … or even better … both. After Miss Mayes returns home she will leave again to continue her studies at San Jose Teachers College.

    An appetite for good things
    To eat is an activity born within one’s self, and it is not difficult to keep your family in good humor when you offer them good food.  And if you shop at A. S. Hendricks, grocer, having wholesome things is a snap … like fresh peas. 1 You can select a fine lot of food as well as condiments and extras. Short on cash? Open a charge account. 2 The quality makes our things a pleasure to buy and the price makes them an economy. To phone, ask the operator to connect you with number 80. Call on us in person at 566 Lighthouse, Pacific Grove.

    Talking machine
    Purchase a Victor, Edison, or Colombia machine and you will have much more than just a machine, you will have a machine that can make music or even talk to you. Send a request for information to the Review and we will promptly send you the vitals. We will also place your name on a list so that we mail more facts each week. Your new machine can be purchased from the Review or at the Palace Drug Company in Monterey, phone number 204. 

    Elect Fitzsimmons
    Be sure to take part in the special election coming up, and while you are at it vote for A. M. Fitzsimmons to take over as a justice of peace in Pacific Grove. Fitzsimmons has been serving as interim JP until made permanent by the will of the people. During his stint, Fitzsimmons has handled the business of the township with alacrity. Mr. Fitzsimmons promises to continue handling the township’s needs fairly and with good speed. The election will be held on Friday, two weeks hence.

    Smallest and fastest thing in world
    Science once believed that a molecule of hydrogen was the smallest and fastest thing in the world. In fact, a molecule of hydrogen was taken as the measuring unit by which all other life forms were measured in determining size and speed.
    No more.
    A new substance has been found that is at least 100 times smaller than hydrogen particles and much speedier. This item is an electric ion. They say that the electric ion is so small that it can run through a copper wire the size of a hair at a speed of 180,000 miles per second. In size, that makes an electric ion much smaller than a grain of sand … and much faster. Scientists are now equipped with measuring devices much more accurate than a grocery store scale. Those things found to be less than 1 millionth of a particle in size are to be sized as a “smidgen”. Their speed is injudicious. 3

    Distinguished visitors
    The members of the International Phytogeographical Association, whose coming was mentioned in the Review several weeks past, are now in town and on schedule. The Pacific Grove hotel is filled to capacity, and so several members are residing in the Del Monte and traveling back and forth by electric bus.
    The group began its activities with a meal at the Pacific Grove hotel followed by a visit to the homestead of H. A. Green in New Monterey, there to view his new plantings. During the evening, Botanist Adolph Engler spoke about the theories of evolution. Other speakers in no particular order included Prof C. Bride Turbent of Copenhagen, Dr. H. Beckworthy of Munich, and Dr. Carl Skolisberg of Sweden.
    Local officers attending included Mrs. Jay Norton, Mr. J. P. Pryor, Mr. K. Chase, and D. G. L. Grines.
    The events conclude Saturday with a visit to the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History. Guests staying over through Sunday will be taken by auto mobile to Cypress Point to view Bishop’s Pine and other species indigent to the coastal forest.

    Bits and pieces

    • Cramer’s invites you to look for Cramer’s specials every day. We are at 547 Lighthouse in the Grove.
    • Low cost, high-quality, second-hand home furnishings are available from Paul’s in Monterey and Pacific Grove. Our furnishings need a new life!
    • The Review is proud to note that Master Sargent Todd Adams, son of Mrs. Mary Adams of this city, is in town to visit with relatives and friends. McCauley in on a 30 days furlough.
    • Mr. John Willey is in town from Central America where Willey is serving on a mission. Mr. Willey expects to return south in a short while.
    • Dimes are growing into dollars for those with savings accounts at the bank of Pacific Grove.

    And the cost is…

    • Sensational prices at Stetson’s, the tailor. 25% reduction on all handmade clothing.
    • Do away with the itch by applying Sam’s anti-itch cream. 24₵ a bottle on your first purchase. 49₵ a bottle on subsequent purchases. Available from any drug store.

    Author’s notes…

    1. Your author thinks this may have been a pun, as in “snap peas”.
    2. An individual once offering goods on credit reported being owed $65,000 when his shop was closed.
    3. This was long before the era of “quarks”.

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