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    Main line
    A valuable souvenir from the great earthquake and fire that struck San Francisco in 1906 has been presented to the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History. The new museum piece, consisting of a block of rubble swept up with the San Francisco debris, now rests in one corner of the Grove’s museum. The block, presented to the museum by Mrs. M. North Whitcomb, serves as an important reminder of the 1906 disaster. The item was accompanied by a certificate explaining its origin and attesting to its source. The Chautauqua committee is considering the memento as the cornerstone of one of next season’s lecture topics.

    Prof Head signs on
    The renowned Professor W. H. Head has signed on for this summer’s Chautauqua. Head has chosen an interpretation of Esmeralda, the story written by Mrs. Frances Hodgson Burnette, as his topic. Mrs. Hodgson is a well-known English author and playwright who also wrote Little Lord Fauntleroy, A Little Princess, and The Secret Garden. Esmeralda is the story of a woman trying desperately to bear a male child. Prof. Head will give sample readings next Friday evening as part of the bill at the Grove’s Colonial Theater. 1

    Prosecution promised!
    Owners of horses, mules, dogs, cats, and other animals are warned that cruelty to or starvation of their beasts will result in the severest prosecution possible. Mr. Charles Cushing, who became secretary of the SCPA in 1913, stated that the animal-loving organization is particularly concerned with mules and horses, the ownership of which has been made relatively obsolete by the advent of the auto mobile. Cushing noted the growing tendency to turn draft animals out to pasture where the beasts must fend for themselves.

    Reports theft
    Mr. George Hart, who lives at 520 Lobos avenue, used to position a chest of drawers on his front porch as a depository of what-nots and trinkets. Hart reported to the constable that a thief or thieves recently visited his home. Not only did these scallywags steal Hart’s what-nots and trinkets, they also stole the bureau in which the items were stored. Hart said that he believes the theft was perpetrated by more than one person because the bureau would have required at least two or three people to heft and carry. Hart plans to visit peninsula second-hand shops and houses of pawn in search of the stolen items. He is offering a reward of $10 for information leading to recovery of goods and an arrest.

    McKenzie cottage vandalized
    The cottage on Pine belonging to Mr. J. McKenzie was vandalized and burglarized sometime in the past few days. Mr. McKenzie, who makes it a practice to look the property over at least once weekly, said that he noticed a door not quiet closed. Upon entering the little house, McKenzie discovered the property inside missing or vandalized. McKenzie is most concerned with a pine box in which were kept valuable items, legal papers, and a small amount of cash. The pine box had a small split on one end. It also had a latch, but no lock. Anyone with information is encouraged to contact the constable. A reward is being offered.

    Dead in New Monterey
    Mrs. Faye Creighton’s body was found mostly concealed in a clump of New Monterey bushes yesterday. Covered with cuts and bruises, it is thought that Mrs. Creighton may have fallen into the hands of foul play. Her purse and belongings were missing; her clothing badly torn. Undertaker F. Pell is at work, investigating.

    New constable needed!
    The above three items make the need for a worthwhile Pacific Grove constable noticeable. Indeed, it is likely the absence of a worthy constable that is contributing to the increase in crime. Readers are reminded that William W. Isbell has announced himself as a special election candidate for the position of constable in the township of Pacific Grove.

    New Year celebration exceptional
    Asked to describe the recent New Year celebration, Mr. R. McKinnon used only one word: exceptional. McKinnon then added that he particularly enjoyed the Parade of Auto Mobiles, up and down Lighthouse, and looking at the vehicles up close while they were parked museum style. Then everyone hied off to Lover’s Point for several hours of fun and frolic. The day ended with a picnic which included roasted wieners as well as salads prepared by Damewood’s Restaurant.

    Notice to creditors
    In the Superior Court of the State of California County of Monterey, in the case of the estate of Robert Martin, deceased, notice is hereby given to all creditors who hold claim(s) against this estate. For consideration, show evidence of all such claims within thirty days of the publication of this notice at the office of H. G. Jorgenson.

    Side track
    Tidbits from here and there

    • Mr. Jay Jordon wishes it known that he is neither dead nor missing, as rumored. Jordon says that he is simply getting in a little fishing time and wishes to be left alone. The size and amount of Jordon’s catch is unknown!
    • Mrs. Ella MacQuicken of Gilroy is in town for an after-holiday visit with her daughter, Mrs. J. K. Paul.
    • Mrs. Seth Sadie, recently widowed, has moved from her home on Pine into a cottage near the shore. Sadie has offered the home for sale.

    And the cost is …

    • Wood, per cord, delivered by Pacific Improvement Company, 161 Fountain Ave, Pacific Grove. $6.60.
    • Pacific Grove Hotel, kept open year around, solicits your winter patronage. Enjoy a fabulous all-you-can-eat lunch for 75¢ or a fantastic all-you-can eat dinner for $1. Spacious rooms just $2 a night during the off-season. This notice posted by J. W. Foster, Assistant Manager.

    Author notes …
    1. A Fauntleroy, after which the story’s key character was named, was a short boy’s jacket worn with a frilly shirt. Esmeralda was remade for television in 1997.


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