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    Broken Hill Fiasco
    Word has come from Australia by way of San Diego of a shootout neat Broken Hill in New South Wales deigned to demonstrate support for the Ottoman Empire. Two men damaged tracks in order to stop a train, evidently intending to effect a robbery, but opened fire instead. Shots were soon enough returned by the local militia. Four civilians were killed. Both of the attackers were shot. Both attackers died at the scene. The Ottoman Empire, often referred to as the Turkish Empire, is a Sunni Islamic state founded by the Oghuz Turks under Osman. Muslims murdering Christians in wholesale numbers sparked the hostilities. 1

    Detectives on the job!
    Word has it that several newly hired road detectives are at work seeing to it that the laws governing California auto mobiles and the drivers thereof are enforced. While offering problems of far lesser proportion, laws governing horse drays and other animal- propelled devices are included in the work of these prosecuting officers. Consideration is also being given toward regulating bicycles driven on public right-aways. Motor cycles are bound to be governed by the new laws. The state director of road detectives reminds all of the decision the state has made requiring drivers to hold driving licenses and the detectives are within their rights to demand that such a license be produced and shown. The state has also mandated that drivers stick to the right side of the roads, when the road is adequately wide. Within two years, all auto mobiles must be manufactured with driving mechanisms on the left side of the vehicle. Turning around in the middle of a street block is now verboten. Chauffeurs hired to drive must hold a special license. Racing is illegal except on special tracks specifically maintained for such events. In the near future, the state will provide books delimiting all of California’s driving regulations and it is recommended that all drivers study said books thoroughly and carefully. All driving violations will result in a ticket being issued that must be paid for in money or jail time. All Pacific Grove drivers wishing to protest a ticket should report to the office of the Justice of the Peace to be heard. The chief of Road Detectives has promised that all laws are to be enforced universally and fairly.

    Turks attempt Genocide
    Members of the Turkish army are reported to have murdered at least 100,000 ethnic Armenians. Eye witnesses have related that entire communities have been forced to dig mass graves, and then lined up and shot. Discharges of deadly gas have also been used to effect this ethnic cleansing. Great Britain has protested the killings as barbaric and monstrous. Other unsubstantiated reports hold the count of dead to be at least 300,000. The Ottoman government refuses comment.

    American counsel taken prisoner
    Mobilization of the National Guard has been ordered after confirming that the American Counsel to Mexico, John Silliman, has been the prisoner of the Mexican General Manuela for more than two weeks. The American government dispatched a complaint and a demand-for-release to Mexico by way of the Brazilian government. The captain of the United States torpedo boat Drayton also reported that at least 12 additional Americans were being entertained against their wills by Mexican authorities. The Mexicans gave as their reason for holding these people captive was the desire to insure their safety. The British consulate at Puebla has wired Mexico City requesting the immediate release of all being held against their wills. Meanwhile, fierce fighting continues at Puebla. Small arms fire is heard daily and the booms of big guns were added in this week. Orders to all California’s National Guard units included a call for mobilization.

    Women meet
    The St. Mary’s branch of the Women’s Auxiliary held their annual meeting in the Parish House of Saint-Mary’s-by-the-Sea. President Molly Maloney told in an interesting manner the story of work accomplished during the past year. Mrs. Fred Fox added that all work had been gotten done in a fun manner and that all members had a good time. Mrs. Frank Wood then spoke highly of the efforts of junior women. She applauded the making of so many throw rugs to be sent to our Alaska military. Mrs. Wood said that efforts must now be redoubled because of the mobilization of the National Guard. Officers then elected for next year were Mrs. M. A. Anderson, President; Mrs. Eyek Then, Secretary; and Mrs. Ella Lewis, treasurer. Mrs. T. A. Work was named Standby President. Following, a social hour with refreshments was enjoyed.

    Army prepares to sail
    The docks and wharves at Galveston, Texas, hummed in making preparations for the departure of American troops heading south for Vera Cruz, Mexico. Said one authority: “We have suffered too many indignities for us to ignore more. Mexico, here we come! All we lack are final sailing orders.”

    Lend a hand
    More than two dozen individuals showed up for the organization of the “Helping Hands Club of Pacific Grove” this past week. Coming together at the Civic Club House, the inaugural group decided on “When and where you can” for its motto. Visits to shut-ins will be the first task undertaken. Flowers will be gathered and wreathes made for presentation to occupants of the First Breath of Spring Home for the Elderly. The oldest organizer was twelve years of age. Mrs. Adeline Spoon agreed to serve as the first year supervisor.

    Side track
    Tidbits from here and there…

    Mrs. W. V. Grimes is in San Diego attending the state conference on preventing cruelty to animals.

    And the cost is …

    • We’ll sell you one of Thomas Edison’s new Mazda Lamp lightbulbs, 100 watts, for just 70ȼ when you sign on for gas or electric service. Mazda lamps give 3X the brightness of a bulb with a carbon filament on the same amount of electrical current. Coast Valley Gas & Electric Company.
    • Travel to Dallas-Ft. Worth, Texas, and return. $62.50. Stop overs allowed but your trip must be done in 15 days. For travel in comfort, see C. R. Estabrook, Southern Pacific agent, Pacific Grove, California.
    • Culp Bros. on Lighthouse is offering a new telephone for $2.95. Subscribe for your line service now.

    Author notes… 
    1. The Ottoman Empire was dissolved after WW I.


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