• Hats, 2/24/14

    Hats, 02, 24, 2014

    Main line
    Advertise here!
    Mr. Businessman, your ad would look good in this space! Stop by the Review and we can design your advertisement to do you the most good.

    Notice to Creditors
    From the Superior Court of the State of California, in and for the County of Monterey, in the matter of the estate of Mary A. Holbrook, deceased, comes the call to all creditors and to all people having a claim against the Mary A. Holbrook estate, for evidence supporting such claims. Said evidence should be presented to the office of Silas W. Mack, Esquire, within three months of the date of this notice. 1

    Review supports McCall’s
    McCall’s magazine, known as the queen of fashion, has entered into a subscription promotion partnership with the Pacific Grove Review. By subscribing to McCall’s through the Review before May 1, you will save 25₵ on each one-year, monthly subscription you place.

    Tidbits from here and there…

    • The Pacific Grove Athletic Association meets at the Civic clubhouse regularly on the second Wednesday of each month at 7 P.m.
    • Dimes are growing into dollars when deposited in a savings account at the E. Cooke Smith bank.
    • At Curnow & Curnow Grocers you always get the best goods, the swiftest delivery, and rock bottom prices.
    • Southern Pacific will be offering spring season prices on tickets purchased now. Tickets will be good through the middle of July


    And the cost is…

    • · The Hotel Manx in San Francisco, also known as the “house of comfort” is one of the most popular hostelries available to folks from the Grove. Most are saying “meet me at the Manx” Outstanding cuisine is available. No-bath prices start at $1.50 per night. Come be our guest. Chester Kelly, manager.
    • ·The Grove’s latest restaurant, managed by A. H. Henshaw, offers a special lunch price of 75₵. Open daily


    Author’s notes…

    1. “Esquire” is a courtesy title, used primarily for lawyers.
    2. McCall’s, in business since 1897, was best known for its tear-out clothing patterns. One year earlier, in 1913, McCall’s had been purchased by White Weld & Company (sewing machine manufactures) and this promo was an attempt by the new owners to expand readership). McCall’s featured the work of such skilled writers as John Steinbeck and Earnest Hemmingway, and Eleanor Roosevelt (the President’s wife) wrote a monthly advice column between the years 1949 and 1962. In 2000, the irascible Rosie O’Donnell (entertainer) took over and changed the name to Rosie’s magazine. Subsequent bickering and disputes put the magazine out of business in 2002.


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