• Hats, 2/24/2014

    Hats, 02, 24, 2014

    Norton into insurance
    Mr. Charles T. Norton, who has long been serving the Grove as a notary public, wants everyone to know that he has expanded his business offerings. Norton now represents several reputable firms as an agent writing fire, accident, and life insurance. Stop by Norton’s office at 574 Lighthouse avenue and enjoy a cup of hot coffee while you do business. If you are insuring your home or belongings, Kodak photographs will be helpful. Norton also deals in real estate, and has several quaint cottages for rent or sale. Land up to 20 acre plots. Easy financing available.

    Commissioner appointed
    Former Congressman W. B. Lamar will soon be making his way west to serve as the United States exposition commissioner. The appointment was announced last week by Secretary of State Bryan. Lamar’s first obligation will be San Francisco’s Panama-Pacific exposition planned to open during 1915. The grand “Service” building, recently finished, is the first building to be completed. This structure is surrounded by a grand portico, featuring floor to ceiling pillars, and is a classical covered ambulatory.
    Before settling in San Francisco, Commissioner Lamar intends to visit several coastal communities, including Monterey and Pacific Grove.

    An outward sign of inward quality
    The splendid appearance of a Stetson-made suit is the result of the careful, honest way in which that suit, men’s or women’s, gets tailored; it is the care taken in cutting, sewing, and assembly that sets one suit apart from another suit. And there is more. The hidden parts of a Stetson-made suit are as carefully crafted as the parts that are seen. Your suit maintains its shape and size because shape and size are built right in. Stetson, the Tailor, is offering a special for first-time buyers. A $40 suit for ladies has been reduced to $25. A man’s $30 suit is reduced to $16. Stetson, the Tailor, can be found at 452 Alvarado street in Monterey. Money spent on transportation is reimbursed. Make an appointment for a measuring now! Ask the operator for Monterey 133.

    Business school the best
    Heald’s business school, which was started in San Francisco in 1865, offers an education that is second to none. During one of the Santa Cruz branch’s later sessions, for instance, students are assigned out as interns to get some real-life experience. From Santa Cruz, several students hop aboard a commuter car and make the trip to the Grove to work in the office of the Review. This was first organized by the previous editor and is being carried over by the current editor.
    I was recently asked about a Stanford education compared to one from Heald business school. For my money, a Heald student comes out far ahead. He is better prepared for real life and already trained in working long hours; the twelve-hours a day expected of a “hire” requires more than a little rehearsal. The Heald student also appears exceptionally fast with an abacus or adding machine.
    In short, a Stanford student may be better prepared in esoteric and metaphysical subjects, but is lacking in a practical curriculum. So if you are considering getting yourself an education, consider Heald business school! 3

    Cutting down on expenses?
    Business is going well for the Pacific Grove Review, and its new editor, Wallace Clarence Brown, is pleased. Not so, it seems, in Monterey. Last week, the Monterey American has been reduced from an eight-column, twelve-page newspaper to a five-column, eight-page newspaper. Alas, the Review did offer a smaller paper than usual last week, but this was due to the typesetting machine breaking down and not to financial duress. All is well now, thanks to A. J. Stanley’s mechanical bent and his labor on the typesetter.

    First woman registers
    Mrs. Julia E. Hadley was the first woman to register in Pacific Grove after the local and California books were opened. Mrs. Hadley registered as a member of the Progressive party. Need to register? Registration books may be signed at Tuttle’s or Long & Grettner’s.

    Tidbits from here and there…

    • Visit Cramer’s and look for specials offered every day of the week. 547 Lighthouse avenue, Pacific Grove.
    • There is more to the Coffee Club than just coffee. Try the Coffee Club’s soup and salad at lunch for 50₵. A slice of pie is 20₵.
    • The Owl Drug Company recognizes the potential of investment. Buy a share of Owl now! 4
    • Become a farmer! Kuhn Irrigated Land Company can help you get started. Seeds, plants, cuttings. We also sell or rent land. We headquarter at 412 Market street in San Francisco. 

    And the cost is…

    • Do you want the best for the least money? We’ll come to your home and show you our line of products. 5 Also, three piece men’s suits available for $15, $18, and $20. Make a small down payment, wear one now, and pay the balance later.
    • Hitchcock’s drug store offers Rexall foot powder for just 25₵ a tin.
    • Ring us up and we will deliver baled alfalfa hay for your animals, $12 ton. G. Farley. Telephone is Main 470.
    • A clean wash is the only sort of wash that should be tolerated. A pretty face, for instance, should be set off by clothing that is really bright. At Grove Laundry, this is the way in which we launder and our charges are not high. For free pickup, ask the operator to connect you with Red 45.

    Author’s notes…
    1. Mr. Norton seemed to be a “jack of all trades.”
    2. Not to be confused with Stetson, the hatmaker. Stetson hats began in 1865.
    3. No longer Heald Business school, but Heald College, Heald has closed its Santa Cruz campus and opened one in Salinas. Your author was formerly an instructor there.
    4. Owl Company stock had risen to just more than $1,000 a share.
    5. Rather like today’s Avon home shows.

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