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    The News … from 1911.

    Chautauqua to teach Grovians Greek, Latin
    Thinking to avoid the briefness of summer classes, the Chautauqua Committee has voted to continue the tradition of classical studies during the winter months. Soon to open are sessions designed to teach the Greek or Latin languages. Other courses in history, culture, and music are also planned.
    Also in the works are courses pertinent to nondenominational, Christian teaching in Sunday school. This seems most fitting as the original Chautauqua, located on the shores of Lake Chautauqua in New York, was first created by John Vincent and Lewis Miller in 1874 as a college for Christian educators, rather like a normal school dedicated to the eternal glory of Jesus Christ.I

    Dr. Fleisher to Speak
    Acclaimed as one of the finest lecturers in California, Dr. W. A. Fleisher is coming to the Grove to lecture about the San Francisco Earthquake of 1906 and five years later. Not only does Fleisher include fascinating information in his talk, he incorporates moving pictures and slides, many ghastly, into the presentation. You’ll come away from Dr. Fleisher’s lecture with entirely new understandings of the quake’s devastation and aftereffects.
    To be presented Saturday at St. Mary’s by the Sea. A donation of 25¢ per seat is welcome.II

    Mrs. Newlon’s will filed
    The will of the late Mrs. Martha J. Newlon, a wealthy Grovian whose death occurred in our city about two weeks ago, was filed for probate this morning by Charles E. Tuck and William W. Newlon, who are named as executors. The will is dated November 1, 1907, and was witnessed by James and Elizabeth R. Newlon.
    The estate is believed to consist of cash amounting to $725 plus promissory notes, both secured and unsecured, which amount to $850. There is also a bond from the Monterey County Gas and Electric Company valued at $350, and a 31⁄2 percent certificate of deposit from a local bank in the amount of $43,000. Household goods and personal effects are valued at $150. Lots located at various locations within the Grove are valued at $9,300.
    Interested parties and petitioners are invited to gather in the office of Silas W. Mack in Pacific Grove, which is the time set for proving the will and reading petitioner’s letters. Silas Mack is the attorney for petitioners.

    Troops preparing to move
    The first battalion of the Eighth Infantry, which is stationed at the Presidio of Monterey, has been notified to hold itself in readiness for movement elsewhere. The destination is to be somewhere along the boundary with Mexico. The men may be ordered to move at any moment. They will travel by train and then by motorcade.III

    Send out a card
    The Southern Pacific railroad has stepped to the forefront in leading a drive to establish “California Day.” The purpose is to attract more settlers into our state. Now, railroad executives have announced the addition of a “Post Card” effort. Every person living in California is encouraged to mail at least one post card inviting the recipient to consider this state as a new home. The expressed target is the mailing of at least four million cards.

    Schools observe Lincoln’s birthday
    The schools of the Grove fittingly observed the late President Abraham Lincoln’s birthday by gathering to present a patriotic program. Students, young and old, were all called together as observers of the program. Activities included singing, dancing, and speaking. Colonel J. Weaver from the Presidio gave the keynote address.

    Notes from around the area…

    • The Woman’s Club has changed the day of its meeting from Wednesday to Thursday. The meeting this week will address the topic “Equal Suffrage to Date”.
    • In pain? Attend the Divine Healing to be conducted by the El Bethel Mission Saturday afternoon at 3:30.
    • The question of requiring uniforms for all school children is to be considered at the next PG council meeting.

    The cost of living…

    • Roy Wright offers a variety of bicycles and velocipedes at Wright Hardware and Bicycles. See at 586 Lighthouse Avenue. Prices start at $35.50 and go up to $65.
    • The Civic Club House is for rent. Rates are $6 per day for the entire club.
    • Two lots in the Vista Del Rey tract have been sold to Miss Susan Hughes by John Pitts and George Wickman for the sum of two hundred dollars each.

    Author’s Notes

    1. I  Independent Chautauquas, called “Daughter” Chautauquas, that spread across the nation were designed like the original New York Chautauqua (Mother Chautauqua), but each selected its own content. These Chautauquas delivered entertainment and classes for the entire community, with teachers, musicians, entertainers, and specialists of the day being retained as speakers and present- ers. All but three of the Independent Chautauquas (the mother and two daugh- ters) eventually succumbed to the advent of radio and television and closed their doors prior to 1940. Pacific Grove’s Independent Chautauqua conducted its final sessions in 1926. Only the Feast of Lanterns portion of Pacific Grove’s “Daughter” Chautauqua remains in business today.
    2. II  As early as May 1909, Pascual Orozco and Jose Ines Salazar had been pur- chasing weapons from the United States which were secretly transported
      into Mexico to be used in a rebellion against President Porfirio Díaz. Several skirmishes had occurred along the Mexican-American border and our govern- ment feared a pour-over into the United States. In 1910, Colonel Orozco led his forces to several victories against Díaz forces. On May 10 of 1910, Orozco and Panch Villa had seized Ciudad Juarez, which was made the capital of the rebel’s government, inciting the concern of the United States.
    3. III  By 1911, bicycles erroneously referred to American-made models and veloci- pedes to English- or European-made. In Germany, bicycles were sometimes called “Dandy Horses”.

    Please note! Readers are advised that the 1911 prices quoted herein are
    no longer valid, nor are these items / properties available from the mentioned seller. The Cedar Street Times appreciates the callers who have attempted to advantage themselves of these 1911 values, but we can be of no help.
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