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    Prof Head returns
    Prof. W. H. Head has returned to the Grove, hoping to earn a slot on the agenda of next summer’s Chautauqua. Head appeared before the committee to present in demonstration an oral interpretation of recovery, the story written by Mrs. Frances Hodgson Burnett about the San Francisco earthquake and fire, and then answer questions. Head performed splendidly on both counts. His rendering of the ‘cisco misery brought tears to every eye and the rebuilding a cheer to every heart. In short, Head’s presentation could not have been excelled. He is a master in his chosen field. The committee should most certainly place Head on its list of future Chautauqua performances. 1

    Souvenir given museum
    Mr. M. North Whitcomb happened to be visiting friends living in San Francisco when the disaster of 1906 struck. Immediately, Whitcomb was out on the streets, rendering aid wherever possible. Six months later, Whitcomb was approached by San Franciscans who bore a gift: a piece of debris left behind by the earthquake and a card of commendation embossed with the San Francisco seal.
    Mr. Whitcomb recently passed on, and his spouse decided magnanimously to give the card and debris to the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History. These are now at the Grove museum, available for all visitors to view.

    The Feast of Lanterns gave us such a thrill last year that we will soon have another… and maybe another and another. Indeed, the Feast of Lanterns might become a permanent part of Pacific Grove lore. But for those who participated and can remember, one thing has been added: the auto mobile. Several Grovians have suggested that a parade of auto mobiles be coupled with the Feast of Lanterns activities. Automobiles from all around the state might come and there could be hundreds of horseless vehicles in town for a weekend. At least the auto mobile garages would prosper from such action.

    In the Superior Court, state of California, in and for the County of Monterey. In the matter of Mr. Charles Brown, recently deceased, notice is hereby given by the undersigned administrators of the estate to all creditors and to all persons having claims against said estate to bring forward evidence of same within thirty (30) days of this notice. Dated February 20th, 1914. Posted by H. G. Jorganson, attorney.

    The Pavilion rink
    The trustees of the Grammar Board have again taken up the question of usage of the Pavilion rink. The board decided that the rink will be open to the public each winter evening from 5 until 9, and all day each weekend, but closed on Mondays for cleaning and resurfacing. The remainder of the time will be reserved for children of the grammar school. These children will also use the old building on 17th as a gymnasium. 2

    Car off track
    Car #3, in charge of Conductor Robert Miller, had departed the station at De Monte in route to the Southern Pacific depot in Pacific Grove when the car left the track near the intersection of Fountain and Lighthouse avenues. Rail and street traffic were both delayed for the better part of two hours. Men came over from the station house and, with the proper tools, got the car back on track. A weakness in the rail caused the derailment.

    Tidbits from here and there
    Owners of dogs, cats, horses, mules and other animals, and people having charge of same, are hereby placed on notice that they will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law if any charge of cruelty, including starvation, is verified as true by the Monterey County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. This notice posted by Charles Cushing, secretary.

    Mrs. Gertrude Ferrar of Gilroy has checked into the Hotel Pacific Grove for a week of visiting friends while enjoying the balmy temperatures and wonderful sea breezes of the Grove.

    • M.H.Messnerandchildren,ofLodi,havecheckedintotheCentraliaforaweekof exploration. Formerly in the grocery business, Mr. Messner is thinking about opening a store in the Grove.
    • PacificGroveisgrowing!Strong&Camphascottagesandofficespaceforrent.Also, consider Strong & Camp for real estate loans with low down and for insurance. Get connected to Main 45 or visit them on Lighthouse.
    • Patronize the Monterey County Real Estate Exchange, 224 Alvarado, Monterey.
    • Cramer’s Brings you a new special every day. Check today’s special out!
    • On Friday next,at 3 p.m. near the 17th Street parlor,there will begin a rally of the American Temperance Union. All members and supporters of the Union are encouraged to participate. Posted by Mrs. E. M. Lovejoy, secretary.

    And the cost is …

    • Hare Harkins Optical Company is offering a special of eye exam and new glasses for $2.50. Hare Harkins is located in Monterey at 222 Alvarado street.
    • I have money to loan at 4% interest. See S. L. Fritz at the Wells Fargo office.
    • Cabulara Hermosa guarantees restoring gray hair to full color and vibrancy. Try it. If not successful, Cabulara Hermosa will refund 150% of your money. $1 per treatment. Two or three treatments may be required for full restoration. Mail order from 792 Westbank Building at 830 Market, San Francisco.
    • On Thursday of next week,the Monterey theater will present, for one night only, the greatest play of the day, “Bought and Paid For.” After one year in New York and six months in London, this show is on the road and this may be your only chance to see it. Seats right up front are available for $1.50. House seats are $1. Standing space is 50¢. Advance tickets are available from Long & Gretter’s drug store. 3
    • Take a round trip to the Grand Canyon on the Western Pacific, Denver, and Rio Grand. $33.10. Posted by J. G. Patton, general agent.

    Author’s notes…
    1. Oral interpretation was once an area of college endeavor, but it has now almost disappeared. Your author studied oral interpretation under the tutelage of the British master, the late E. Kingsley Povenmier.
    2. Ice manufacturing was then a popular curiosity.
    3. Theater ticket prices were rising exponentially. Imagine! A whole dollar for a regular seat.

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