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    The News … from 1911.
    Church finds assembly place
    The Emanuel Baptist Church, suffering the aftereffects of fire, has now found a semi-permanent location for Sunday assemblies. The pastor and his flock will gather in the Grove’s Pavilion Rink at Lighthouse and 14th. Sunday school begins at 10 am, preaching at 11. Praise Service will be held in the evening beginning at 7. The Rev. Walter E. Tanner serves as pastor. The subject of his sermon for this week: “Overcomers”, a fit topic for a group that has had to overcome so much.

    PG High initiates freshmen
    Freshmen planning to enter high school next term were given their hazing in the T. A. Work Company meeting room Friday evening. The event was planned and sponsored by a coalition of sophomore and junior students. The youngsters enjoyed a jolly time throughout the evening.
    A very entertaining program included remarks by Prof. J. A. Meizler, a violin solo by Spencer Hoyt, a poetry reading by Willie Chivera, and a prose reading by Lidia Hall. After theI program was over, the older students enjoyed a merry time initiating freshmen.
    Thumbprints were then served in the dining area. The decorations in both the meeting and banquet rooms were very attracting and beautiful. A hand-painted card had been placed upon each plate. The evening closed with a welcome to the fresh- men. II

    Try the staff of life
    For millennium, wholesome bread has been referred to as the staff of life. And now, Port Costa Flour promises that it has developed a flour that is rich in all the elements which build muscle and sinew.
    Port Costa admits that it is easy to say that their flour is the best, but the company is also willing to prove it. They invite you to try some at their risk. Sign in for a free sack of Port Costa flour and try it for one baking. If this flour doesn’t bake better bread, biscuits, or pastry than any other flour you have ever used, return what is left to your grocer and he will give you a sack of any other flour free. The Port Costa Mills are located in San Francisco. The flour is available locally at Johnson Brothers & Campbells.

    Electric road coming from Fresno
    For many years, the idea of a cross-country railway from Fresno to Monterey / Pacific Grove has been uppermost in the minds of the progressive people of both counties through which a line must pass. Many attempts have been made to build such a railroad, but invariably the promoters ran out of funds before making much progress. One of the principal reasons for these failures was the fact that promoters always had in mind a steam road with rails of which every mile must cost a small fortune.
    But … a project is now on foot which looks more favorable than any previous attempt, and which may soon result in success.
    The idea now is to construct an electric road from Fresno to Coalinga and from there on to the coast, coming through Hollister and Salinas. The road will first be built from Fresno to Coalinga and then, if sufficient encouragement be given the promoters, on from Coalinga through Panoche valley and Hollister and finally to Salinas, Monterey, and Pacific Grove.
    In the near future, a meeting will be held at Fresno to decide on preliminary matters. Part of the cost of the road from Coalinga to Fresno has already been financed and the road seems an assured fact. III

    Notes from around the area…

    • A PaGrovian grandmother may not be as spry as she once was, but subscribing to a telephone allows her to get all around town quite easily. Long distance service by Bell Telephone allows relatives and friends to chat while miles away.

    • The Pacific Grove Bath House will be open every day this season from 8 am until 10 pm.

    • Misses Esther and Jettie Johnson arrived by train from Palo Alto where their family has moved. The young ladies came principally to attend the gala hazing of high school freshmen, but plan to stay for a few days of holiday. They are registered at the Del Mar.

    • Until further notice, Pacific Grove’s Carnegie Public Library will be open from 10 am until 9 pm daily. Sundays and legal holidays are excepted.

    • The American Musical Comedy Company, which is filling a week’s engagement at the T. A. Work Theater with presentations of “The Gay Mrs. Dollar”, is pleasing the people and a good crowd is expected each showing. Mandy Beatty is the principal vocalist and Arthur Clamage and Frank Vick are principal comedians. IV

    The cost of living…

    • E. K. Todd, dba Coast County Investments, sold to W. K. McMasters lots 11 and 13 in block 35 of Pacific Grove for the sum of $300 each.

    • Weekly rates ranging from $12 to $17 are now available at the Pacific Grove Hotel.

    • Any of the Del Monte laundry agencies will clean and iron a gentleman’s shirt for 5¢.

    Author’s Notes
    I. Compared to many college initiations of the era, high school rituals were gener- ally mild. For instance, initiates were shown a live sow outdoors, wallowing in mud. Later, blindfolded, the initiates were told they must kiss the pig. How- ever, the pig actually kissed turned out to be a piggy bank.
    II. Thumbprints were dainty confections bearing a dollop of fruit compote in the center of each.
    III. The “electric road” much in vogue last century comprised adaptations of the very successful street car which used connections to overhead electric lines for power. Grading a roadbed, setting poles, and stringing wire proved much cheaper than laying ties and rails. However, petroleum and railroad interests squelched early enthusiasm for electricity.
    IV. The term “gay” had not yet assumed its later-day connotations. Mrs. Dollar, the character, was being portrayed as happy or cheerful.

    Please note! Readers are advised that the 1911 prices quoted herein are no longer valid, nor are these items / properties available from the mentioned seller. The Cedar Street Times appreciates the callers who have attempted to advantage themselves of these 1911 values, but we can be of no help.

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