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    Battleship sunk
    Word has come by way of wire from Los Angeles of the sinking of the Royal Navy Battleship, HMS Formidable, off the Lyme Regis coast, Dorset, England. The deed was accomplished by an un-named Imperial German Navy U-boat. Five hundred forty seven crew were lost. The Imperial German Navy was formerly known as the Imperial Prussian Navy which held as its primary responsibility the protection of coastline.1 Admirable von Tirpitz is reported as saying the State of Germany will be protected. The American President-elect decried the act as a monstrosity, said that little protection was needed, but belittled rumors that the United States would soon find itself involved in a European war.

    Harry Houdini Escapes!
    Mr. Erick Weisz, perhaps better known as Harry Handcuffs Houdini, astounded his New York audience with a daring straitjacket escape. In New York City, Houdini had himself strapped into a regulation straitjacket. The escape artist was then suspended by the feet from a borrowed crane in use to build the New York subway. Houdini escaped handily within a matter of minutes. He reported the feat as having nothing supernatural about it. Perhaps, but this editor thinks the accomplishment was at least one of super athleticism. Mr. Houdini is reportedly on his way to a western states tour. Our readers will be advised of such so that advanced tickets can be purchased.

    Pacific Grove offers birthday book
    This little book is destined to gain the largest circulation of any book, excepting the Bible, and can now be yours for purchase from the Pacific Grove library. If The Grove’s Christians’ allow the rush and crush of personal ambition to deprive them of their fair share of heavenly food, such Christians must not be surprised to see themselves grow spiritually leaner. This book holds the answer for you. It is composed of one Bible reading accompanied by a spiritual study per day. Surely the miniscule period of time devoted to such reading will pay you off enough with enormous benefits. But marriage and death records are not overlooked. Just ink them in. The book also features a section for autographs and another section for birthday information. These make the book more valuable yearly. Surely the book is worth $10, and even more, but right now your birthday book can be purchased for the sum of $1, plus 35ȼ for shipping. You can purchase yours from the Pacific Grove Library, or by writing to the Bible & Tract Society, 17 Hicks Street, Brooklyn, NY. That’s right, the price is just $1.35. Either way. Pay in cash or by check.

    New models here
    Mr. L. H. Peterson has announced the arrival of two new models of auto mobile: the Hudson Six and the Hudson Eight. These are auto mobiles with the new passenger- sensitive bodies and the roomier tonneau.2 The Hudsons are, without doubt, the handsomest auto mobiles of the year. And, also without doubt, they offer the best value to be found on the auto mobile market this year. Both the Hudson Six and the Hudson Eight are lighter than other vehicles (About 2,100 lbs. each), and they both get better gasoline mileage than most other auto mobiles.3 The name Hudson comes from Hudson’s department store, founder of the auto motive line. Like the goods sold by the department store, everything about the Hudson auto-mobiles is quality. The 1915 models feature dual foot-pumped brakes and a hand-set mechanical parking brake. Temperature and oil pressure readings are obtained from dashboard devices. The price tags are $1,170 and $2,250. Financing is available through the Bank of E. Cooke Smith.

    Huerta executes U. S. soldier
    The U. S. government today demanded of the Mexican government of Victoriano Huerta full details in the shooting of Private Frank Parks, the American infantryman who allegedly strayed past the Mexican lines in Vera Cruz. Our ambassador declared that the failure to provide a complete accounting could lead to all-out war. No mention was made in our ambassador’s report of whether Parks was shot as a spy. Nor was any mention made as to the method of body disposal. The America government cabled the Brazilian government, asking the Brazilians to advise Huerta of the strong feelings of the United States. The note asked the Brazilians that Huerta be notified of the protest and to advise Huerta that the strongest reparations will be taken. The note said that if Parks is still alive, then such should be promptly noted or the truth will be pursued. No specific mention was made of how the United States intends to pursue the truth. The Three South American mediators claimed that none had received any mention of the Park’s matter.

    Amateur Golf at Del Monte
    The Del Monte Resort has announced a handicap golf match will be played this Friday through Sunday. Trophies are to be given for the best net score in qualifying, for the winners in each set of nine holes, the high men’s over-all score, the high women’s over-all score, and also for holes-in-one, if any. This tournament is open only to amateurs.

    Side track
    Tidbits from here and there…

    • Mrs. Hazel Daugherty has resigned her position as teacher in our high school’s science department. Mrs. Daugherty will be sorely missed.
    • Mr. J. Landon repairs shoes expertly. 203 Forest Avenue, the Grove.

    And the cost is …

    • The new Maxwell is on display at Culp Bros. Garage on Lighthouse. The Model 20 is yours for $835. The Model 35 is $1,335. Connect your phone to Black 854 to make a driving appointment.
    • A chicken dinner will be served as a fund raiser at the First Baptist Church, Laurel and Fourth, this Saturday. Includes beverages and dessert. All you can eat. Adults, 50ȼ. Children, 25ȼ.

    Author notes …

    1. TheImperialGermanNavywasthefirsttosuccessfullyoperateaflotillaofsubmarines. At the time of this notice more than 300 submarines were involved. Winston Churchill, later to become Prime Minister, was then the first Lord Admiral of the British navy.
    2. The tonneau referred to a rear seating compartment.
    3.  Never mind the Hudson’s names, both cars were six cylinders. One was called a straight six, the other a super six.


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