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    Main line
    Flyer breaks own altitude record
    (First published by the San Francisco Examiner) Pilot Joseph Carberry, a U. S. Army Captain, recently set a fixed-wing aircraft altitude record of 11,690 feet flying a Curtiss E. The craft had been built entirely from warehoused parts by military mechanics. Car- berry’s plane carried one passenger, Capt. Benjamin Delahauf Foulois. Carberry, who graduated from West Point in 1910, had previously set the altitude record (in 1913) while flying an earlier model Curtiss. The flyer is one of the first official army air corps pilots.

    Pancho Villa sought
    The Pancho Villa Expedition, known officially as the Mexican Punitive Expedition, has been enacted to retaliate against Mexican General Pancho Villa’s forces for aggressive acts in the vicinity of El Paso, Texas. The sorties involved bottle bombs being dropped by the pilots of several areoplanes, one of the earliest uses of air power in warfare.
    The expedition had as its primary purpose the capture of Pancho Villa. Despite locating and decimating the main body of Villa’s forces, Villa himself escaped without injury. An active search for the bandit General continues.2

    Italy hit by quake
    Italy, the frequent scene of earthquakes, was hit again last week affecting thousands of people throughout central and southern Italy. The shaking was felt as far away as Rome, where several statues were knocked awry or even shattered. The town of Avezano was toppled and only one building escaped unscathed. Ninety six percent of Avezano’s population were killed or injured. Several other smaller settlements were also demolished in what must be considered the worst earthquake in decades. The severe damage was attributed to the length of the shock, which lasted more than a minute, and the amount of energy released during the shaking. The primitive structures of buildings were also a contributor to the damage as piled-stone structures had not been reinforced by mortar or wood. Survivors were pulled from the ruins of earthquake-stricken zones. One man survived in a barn for a period living solely off stored grain and water.

    Armenians swarming to California
    Originally an integral part of the Ottoman Empire, Armenians have now been officially warned by the Turks to get out. Many of the disposed have taken boat passage west where they are forming ethnic hideaways in such California locations as Glendale, Los Angeles, and Oroville. Several murders of unimmigrated Armenians have been reported. The Turks claim that if left alone, the Armenians are likely to join forces with the belligerent Russians under Tsar Nicholas.1 Armenians deny the charge.

    Thieves beware
    The thieves who stole the bureau from the porch of George Hart, 520 Lobos Avenue, the Grove, would be well advised to heed this advice. Return my bureau and its contents now and no questions will be asked. The deed will be looked upon as a jest. But…failure to return the bureau or contents will result in my pursuing you to the ends of the earth, if necessary. Following capture, prosecution to the full extent of the law will be executed.

    O’Connor dead
    Mrs. Gorge Ann O’Connor was found dead in her home by her housekeeper this past Saturday morning. She was noted for always having cookies ready to give passersby. Widowed after she moved to the Grove with her husband, Andrew, from New York thirteen years ago, Mrs. O’Conner was living on monthly payments from a small trust fund. Before his demise, Andrew had been the proprietor of a health spa. The body has been given into the hands of Undertaker J. A. Pell for preparation. The time of the funeral and interment will be announced as soon as arrangements are made.

    Side track
    Tidbits from here and there…

    • The owners of horses, mules, dogs, cats, and other animals are advised that mistreat- ment or starvation of their beasts will result in prosecution by the Monterey Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. This notice posted by Charles Cushing, Secretary.
    • Miss Gertrude Ferrero from Gilroy is visiting in the Grove.
    • The Misses Andrea and Dorothy Rea have come to the Grove from their family’s farm to do some shopping.
    • Mr. O. R. Messner, a former grocer, has departed the Grove with his family to settle in Oakland.
    • See S. L. Fritz at the Wells Fargo office for the best values in real estate.

    And the cost is…

    • Rent a Smith Premier Typewriter! We will rent you a deluxe Smith Premier Typewriter for just $3 monthly. Rent for a period of one year and the typing machine belongs to you paid in full. Send your order to Smith Typewriters, San Francisco.
    • Our baseballs have cork centers. $1.25 a ball. Six balls for $7. Order from Spalding, San Francisco.
    • Culp Bros. will help you clean your home. We have hand operated, Dometic Vacuum Cleaners for just $12. Try one at our store on Lighthouse Avenue.
    • Encourage visitors to stay at the Pacific Grove Hotel for the special price of $1.75 a night. Enjoy dining on site. J. M. Foster, Asst. Manager. Connect your phone to Main 45.

    Author’s notes …
    1. Russia and the Ottoman Empire had been at odds for a long while prior to the ethnic cleansing.
    2.  Border friction with Mexico would continue until 1920.

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