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    Indicators of quality
    They may be outward, but certainly they are clear signs of inward quality. We are, of course, speaking of an excellence in clothing.
    Any little quality speaks a great deal about the wearer. For example, how is the fit of each item? Are the colors well-coordinated? Are there tears or worn places? Is there bagginess in knees or elbows? Do the cuffs appear worn or tattered?
    Some of us have trouble judging answers to such questions. Some of us stumble through life while scarcely taking time to even glance in mirrors. But then, there are those of us who patronize Stetson, the tailor. It is this last group, just mentioned, that really stands out for excellence in sartorial quality. The splendid appearance of individuals attired by Stetson is second to none. That is because Stetson sells no “hanger” clothes. Every major thing Stetson sells is made to order.
    Begin with the suit. A Stetson-made suit retains its size and shape because size and shape are built right in. An underlining becomes part of the suit and really backs it up. It is made of sterling material. The same is true for the vest. Then comes shirt, cuffs, collar, and buttons. Is Stetson finished? Not at all. To be considered next, just as carefully, are shirt, vest, sock garters, socks, and – of course – shoes.
    Gentlemen, come to Stetson, the tailor and your makeover begins. Take public transportation to 452 Alvarado in Monterey, and we will pay your fare. Women welcome as well.

    Visitors here
    Members of the International Phytogeograhical Association began assembling in Pacific Grove in anticipation of meetings and celebrations to be held this week- end, as previously announced by the Review. Dr. E. K. Abbott and members of the Monterey County Botanical Society will provide opening day entertainment. Messrs. Pryor, Greene, and Hermon will speak. Of extreme consideration will be the topic, “How Can We Best Keep the Museum in Pacific Grove Alive and Well?” A Sunday afternoon tour will provide a close look at the Bishop’s Pine and other, area botanic specimens.

    Home builders provide visit
    Everyone is interested in the California Bungalow. No other class of structure ever devised has attracted such world-wide interest. The California Bungalow offers all the comforts of a home and all of the conveniences of a hotel. The builders of the California Bungalow are presently setting up several models at the Caledonia Park where a Saturday viewing is in the works. Drop in and enjoy complimentary punch, sandwiches, and cake served from 11 to 3 p.m.

    Take train tour
    Get ready for spring by booking a train tour to Lake Tahoe and return. Special cars will be added to our regular trains which are guaranteed to increase your travel comfort. You may return to the Grove at any time for up to 30 days after arrival. Your cost is just $23.10. Tour tickets good through July 4.

    Grove’s proverb of the day
    Lover’s purses are tied with cobwebs!

    Tidbits from here and there…

    • Lost! Sunday evening, while shopping downtown in the Grove. A lady’s Elgin watch decorated with diamonds and rubies. Bring watch or information to the Review. No questions asked, and reward.
    • You bet Cramer’s has something on special today. Come in and look around. 547 Lighthouse.
    • Low prices! Second hand furnishings, delivered and installed. Come in and look around. Phil’s Furnishings, Pacific Grove.
    • Mrs. J. Grant, the Grove’s famed Dancing instructor, has departed for San Francisco, for a week of classes and visiting with friends.
    • The George Epworth Bryon’s Troubadours are set to perform at the Work Theater Wednesday evening, next. A Musical Treat provides the headline presentation. All seats cost 50¢. Get your tickets early from Curnow & Curnow, 120 Forest avenue. Call Black 511.

      And the cost is …

    • Pacific Improvement Company is offering Rocky Mountain coal on special by the sack for stoves, grates, furnaces, etc. $5 each. You pick up sacks of coal or we will deliver for 50¢ extra per sack. Also, coal is sold by the ton.
    • The best located and most popular hotel in San Francisco. Make us your headquar- ters. We are located at Powell and O’Farrell, the house of comfort. We want your business. $1.50 first night, then $2.50. Chester Kelly, manager.
    • This is the finest auto shop in central California. We do business in a fireproof building located on Grand avenue one block above Lighthouse. All makes and models. Well equipped with special tools for special makes. We seek your trade so we guarantee satisfaction. Tell how hot your auto mobile is running from where you sit with a motor-matic, installed while you wait. $2.50 with any other repair. $3.50 alone. Pacific Grove Garage. I H. Peterson, proprietor. 2
    • For sale. A nearly-new complete infant nursery outfit with eleven items. Purchased for $65. Child died. Will now sell for $20. Perhaps child will live again. Telephone Red 403.

      Author’s notes…
      1. Tailors’ financial well-being was being threatened by readi-wear and mail order catalogs. Tailor Stetson responded with aggressive advertising.
      2. The“motor-matic” was a thermometer replacing the radiator cap. This device could be read from the driver’s seat.

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