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    Main line
    Postage rising
    The cost of a first class stamp has gone up. The Director of Postal Services announced an increase from 1ȼ to 2ȼ. The post office also announced that it is considering trying aeroplanes for mail needing faster delivery time. The Pacific Grove Post Master indicated that railroads would still handle most mail. 1

    Fire at PG Hotel
    Fire struck the Pacific Grove Hotel yesterday evening. The structure was threatened with total destruction and it would have been a mass of ruins today if it had not been for the prompt and efficient work of the Pacific Grove Volunteer Fire Department. The fire commenced in the second room from the corner on the Grand Avenue side. Flames were seen directly in front of the Civic Club House. Volunteer firemen fought the blaze from both inside and outside, which is what kept the entire building from becoming food for fire. The blaze was discovered about midnight by night watchman Frank Wilcoxin, who immediately sounded the alarm. A bride and groom from San Francisco were staying in the room next door when the flames started. The couple escaped by holding wet towels over their heads and running. Firemen worked in shifts for as long as they could without suffocation. John Watson, who is employed as the hotel’s day clerk, failed to respond to a muster. Night clerk T. E. Reed decided to go in search of his friend. He found Watson in his room, soundly sleeping. Reed collapsed from smoke inhalation before completing his mission and had to be dragged outside by fire fighters. No one was seriously hurt although everyone was alarmed.

    PG school going industrial
    The board of the Pacific Grove High School has voted unanimously to include industrial courses in the curriculum. It was duly noted that the world is industrializing and students need to be prepared. Establishing a separate industrial school was discussed, but the idea failed to receive much support. The teaching of industrial courses will occur in the school between 8am and 11 am. The afternoon, from 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm, will focus on the three Rs. All boys will be required to complete classes in either wood working or metal working. Girls are required to take classes of pertinence to becoming a seamstress or kitchen worker.

    Ku Klux Klan is active
    The Pacific Grove Review recently relayed word of the organization of the second version of the Ku Klux Klan. Georgia courts have now ordered the organization’s documents accepted and approved. Known as the KKK, the new Klan is a secret organization which has formed under the leadership of William J. Simmons. The Klan has professed, however, a wider program than had its post-Civil War forerunner. It has added to its agenda nativism and is anti-Negro and anti-Jew. The KKK reflects many of the beliefs held formerly by the Know Nothing party, but claims to be no more than a social club.

    Nobel chemistry prize awarded
    The Nobel prize committee has selected individuals for the 1915 award. They are Sir William Bragg and William L. Bragg of the United Kingdom for physics. These recipients have been working on using x-rays to analyze crystal formations. Richard Willstatter of Germany was chosen for the award in chemistry. Willstatter has been investigating how plants generate color.

    International investigators have discovered Turkish atrocities against Armenians. The investigators have alleged that Turkish troops have been responsible for nearly one million deaths. Armenians are fleeing to California in large numbers. Most are re-settling in an area around Los Angeles.

    Conference convenes
    The annual California conference of Methodist churches will convene next Wednesday in the sanctuary of the Methodist church. The district assembly includes Central and Northern California and Northern Nevada, with a total of 329 churches included. Bishop Hughes will be the chair of all meetings. Various clergy will offer worship services. The Sunday School director for Pacific Grove is to be ordained by Bishop Hughes.

    Divorce granted
    Dr. O. Swayze, who has been estranged from his wife for some time, has been granted a divorce. The doctor brought suit, claiming that Mrs. Swayze had separated from, and abandoned him. Her desertion, said Swayze, left his Monterey office without adequate help to remain open. By necessity of inadequate help, Swayze had to close this practice in order to focus on his Sacramento practice. Mrs. Swayze has been living in San Francisco. She could not be reached for comment. 2

    Side track
    Tidbits from here and there…    

    • John A. Willey, son of R. H. Willey, is home from South America for a brief visit. The young Willey is employed as the manager of a fruit plantation.
    • Mr. Clement Easterbrook is in the Grove for a two-week visit. Easterbrook is staying at the McCoy’s house.
    • The T. A. Work Company has deeded to Thomas Work a lot on Forest Avenue.

    And the cost is …

    • The Kuhn Irrigated Land Company is offering prime farm land for as little as $10 per acre. Terms are available. 412 Market Street, San Francisco.
    • Genuine aspirin from the Owl Drug Company gives you quick relief for 50ȼ a bottle. See your local druggist. For the severest of pain, we also offer good prices on lau- danum.
    • Learn to drive in six easy lessons for just $2.50. Auto mobile and fuel included. Mullins Auto School. I work out of my home. Make arrangements by telephoning Red 317.
    • Hitchcock’s Drug Store is offering a special on Rexall Foot Powder. The price is just 25ȼ a can. This powder relieves tired, itching, or sticky feet.

    Author’s notes …
    1. The railroads provided special mail cars inside which workers sorted mail for delivery.
    2. Incompatibility or mutual consent weren’t reasons for divorce in 1915. A reason had to be given.

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