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    Main line
    Not E. E. Long
    Rumors have been swirling around about E. E. Long being dreadfully ill and on the doorstep of death. Said rumors are becoming so proliferate, Long was prompted to contact the Review… but from neither his sick nor death bed. Long contacted the Review from his home by telephone to report himself quite well, thank you, and attending to business as usual. The story began Wednesday, last, when someone fell ill while attending a birthday party for Grovian Mrs. J. R. Olson. All true enough, but that person was some stranger and not Mr. E. E. Long.

    An afternoon party
    Mrs. Hensley gave a party Saturday afternoon, last, in the porch room of her home on Carmel street in the Grove. Invited were several close friends and their lady or gentleman accomplices. Games were played and a silent auction held. After refreshments were served, several hands of whist played into early evening. The afternoon passed in fine fashion.

    Ministers here
    Several ministers and their wives arrived yesterday for the grand meeting of the Itinerant Club. These included: Reverend Thomas Leak, Reverend William Clark, Reverend Pederson, Reverend Johnson, Reverend Rowe, and Reverend Cunningham. The Reverends will meet on Saturday, then stay over for services on Sunday. The most distant traveled here from Rockford. 1

    A delightful reception
    Mrs. McCann Gave is planning a reception in the Civic Club hall for her sister, Mrs. Holman, who has been visiting in the Grove, but who now plans to return to her husband and second home in Sacramento. Music will be provided for the 15 guests and their friends by the Mayblue orchestra of New Monterey. Intermittent dancing will continue until midnight, at which time the reception will conclude. In between dance sets, games will be played and prizes awarded to winning players. Sandwiches, fruit cake, and punch will be served and the reception should be enjoyed by all.

    Real estate transfer
    The following real estate transfer has been turned in at the real estate department in Salinas. Caroline I. to Phillip H. Over. Lots 16 and 18, Block 13, Cox Survey, Pacific Grove, California. Posted by Monterey County Recorder Soto. 3

    Child labor law
    Improvements in the field of utilizing children as laborers has come down from Sacramento. Hereafter, the import of goods made possible by child labor is banned. Included are antimony ore, text books, wool blankets, flax, hemp, cast-iron items, fur and skins, sugar machinery, gunpowder, and other items.

    Suffers nervous breakdown
    Mr. T. J. Beckman was placed aboard a S. P. car yesterday, bound for a sanitarium near San Francisco where he will stay for an undetermined time. Mr. Beckman, who had been in the Grove visiting his brother for several weeks prior, suffered a nervous breakdown Wednesday, past. This was the second such event and, following the first, Beckman had come to the Grove, where he took an apartment in the Lloyd building, for the climate and surroundings available here. Beckman’s brother brings word that Beckman is expected to recover fully, quickly

    Tidbits from here and there

    • The Review will print your “For Sale” and other signs cheaply. Also name-only calling cards. 2
    • Mr. P. T. Martin from New York checked in at the Pacific Grove hotel for what Martin cited as a lengthy stay on business.
    • Mrs. M. L. Woods is in town from Oakland for a visit.
    • J. W. M. Alistair, pastor of the Methodist church at Woodland, is in town for the Itinerants meeting. Alistair is sharing, with other visitors, an apartment in the Lloyd building.
    • Mr. and Mrs. I. J. Hagan from Santa Clara County were in town on a business trip mixed with pleasure. The Hagans are staying in a rental cottage on Pine avenue.
    • Mr. I. K. Miller, owner of the Grove Bakery, has returned from a two-weeks camping trip in the mountains.

      And the cost is …

      • Men’s $25 and $30 suits reduced temporarily to $16 by Stetson the tailor. Tele phone me at Monterey 133. I am located in Monterey at 452 Alvarado and will pay your transportation fare.
      • Oak wood on special. This choice lot is all piled into 4 feet, 4 inch stacks, ready to load and haul. Stay warm. T. A. Work at 570 Lighthouse. $12.
      • A.A.Philipsisofferingbeautifulwallpaperstartingat50¢perroll.Weareat174 Forest. Stop by and have a look.
      • We are open year round. The Pacific Grove hotel is open more for the benefit of Pacific Grove than anyone else. Our cuisine is delicious. Come in and try a bite. An all-you-can-eat breakfast or lunch, 50¢. Dinner, 75¢. Beverage included with every meal. Posted by I. H. Peterson, proprietor.Author’s notes…
        1. The “Itinerant Club” was originally a “secret organization” composed primarily of traveling ministers who were Methodists. The “Rags and Bones” set, wandering cart peddlers, later known as traveling salesmen, formed as a later subgroup. Today, the Itinerant Club is largely a golf association.
        2. A Victorian gentleman, seeking to spark a lady, would present a calling card at her front door. The manner in which the card was bent conveyed a message. For instance, a bent, right card corner indicated that the couple had met previously and the young lady was aware of the “swain’s” purpose. Nothing was printed on the card except the bearer’s name.
        3. The Victorian tradition held that a bride turn any property over to her new husband.
        4. All-you-could eat meals served from dishes placed on a long board, popular 100 years ago, gave rise to the term “room and board” with board referring to meals.

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