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    War heats up!
    German forces picked up the pace of war this week by using zeppelins to heave bombs on Great Britain. The communities of Yarmouth and King’s Lynn were targeted.
    Yarmouth is a coastal town located at the mouth of the Yare River, which once served Roman soldiers as a camp. King’s Lynn is situated on the River Ouse, 97 miles north of London. King’s Lynn is noted as the first town of English origin to be granted the right, on Saturdays, of free assembly. This entitlement was largely applied to the operation of an open air market. A sizable import-export trade built up along the river front and with it the number of pubs. Having consumed too freely, men leaving these drinking emporiums often stopped to urinate publicly, hence creating the village’s largest problem for law enforcement.
    Yarmouth is known widely as the site of a tragedy. In 1845, school children were excused early to view a circus promotion, which was a clown, floating in a barrel, being pulled down the Ouse River by a flock of tethered swans. With the clown’s approach, the children rushed to one railing of the bridge for an improved view, causing the structure’s collapse. The cold-water river quickly filled with children and debris joining the clown and swans. Many children failed to make it to shore safely.
    Word of damages caused by the marauding zeppelins will be released in short order.

    Emory College renamed
    Founded in 1836 by the Methodist Episcopal Church, Emory College has now become Emory University and will moved from Oxford, Georgia to Atlanta. Financial support is being provided by a land grant made by the Coca Cola Bottling Company.1 Professor Issac Hopkins is quoted as saying that both changes were in order so that Emory could maintain a solid commitment to the future.
    At the start of the Civil War, Emory distinguished itself by closing its doors so that every male student could enlist with the southern fighting forces. Thirty five failed to return. Today, with European hostilities increasing, Emory is equipping and providing a mobile medical to serve the wounded. 2 Reconstructive surgery is becoming an Emory specialty.
    Efforts are underway to obtain James Laney, former Emory President, as a Chautauqua speaker.

    Jerusalemites going hungry
    Do you read your Bible? Recall references to a plaque of locusts? It’s happening again. Palestine has been inundated by the voracious insects since about the first day of March. Though many view the plague as the retribution of a God responding to mankind’s sinful ways, efforts are being made to thwart the outbreak. Every Palestinian, for instance, is required to collect twenty ponds of locust larvae to be destroyed, or be fined. The military is providing flame throwers to be used against the winged bugs. The London Times reports that the plague has caused the price of potatoes to increase six fold.
    Grovians wishing to render help should bring their donations by the office of the Pacific Grove Review.

    Pluto photographed!
    An object photographed in outer space, thought to be composed mostly of compacted ice and rock, has been assigned the name Pluto.3 This massive object is believed to be the tenth largest body orbiting the sun. Pluto is circled by five known moons. The name Pluto was provided by a British school girl who took it from her studies of mythology. Pluto refers to the ruler of the underworld.

    Stanley cup competition
    The first-ever Stanley Cup competition concluded with the Pacific Coast League’s Vancouver Millionaires sweeping the Ottawa Senators in the championship set, 3 games to 0. 4 The names of the team’s eight players and one team manager were engraved inside the cup, along with the dates 1914 – 1915, although that was in error. The date should have reflected the 1915 date only. Two players names were inadvertently omitted: Jean Maltz and Kenny Mullen. The engravers could not explain the lacking.

    Mexican Revolution hostilities increase
    The troops of General Obregon and General Villa clashed around the city of Leon. Although General Obregon lost an arm during the carnage, Villa’s forces suf- fered the worst of the battle. Leon is becoming noted for its leather working, and is home to the Basilica Cathedral of the New Mother.
    No additional word of involvement with the United States has been received. As wires come in, the contents of each will be reported to readers of the Review.

    Tidbits from here and there…
    And the cost is…   

    • You’ll find the best grill in the west at the San Francisco’s Hotel Manx! Our hostelry features circulating water in every room. $2.50 per night, meals included.
    • Visit the Grand Canyon and look down on the mighty Colorado River! Round trip from Pacific Grove on Southern Pacific, $75 with ticket purchased 14 days or more in advance of travel. Stay at the Tovar House, Grand Canyon, 3 days, 2 nights included. Additional lodging may be purchased separately.
    • Clover Leaf Toilet Cream, 25ȼ by the bottle at all drug stores. Manufactured by the Cloverleaf Drug Company, Cloverleaf, California.

    Author’s notes …
    1. Emory provided a similar medical unit during World War II.
    2. In 1979, Emory also received a grant valued at 105 Million dollars in Coca Cola Company stock.
    3. Only two muggy photographs composed the 1915 study, and other scientific efforts languished until 1930. Hence, many historians attribute Pluto’s finding to 1930. Take your pick … Pluto has been hanging around a lot longer than either date. It requires 248 earth years for Pluto, which is no longer considered a planet, to complete one orbit of the sun. Although learned scientists took away its planet status, the New Mexico legislature rose to Pluto’s defense, lightheartedly ruling that Pluto was, is, and always will be a planet.
    4. The Stanley cup is contested by professional teams. Amateur teams vie for the Allan Cup.

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