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    Spruce up your home
    We are delighted to announce that our spring stock of wallpaper has just arrived. Among these new wallpapers are those guaranteed not to fade. All, however, will protect and beautify your home. Come in and look over our huge supply; you are under no obligation to buy, just visit. And don’t forget to try Kyanize on all your woodwork. This application works really well and is easy to use. Posted by A. A. Phillips, 171 Forest, Pacific Grove. 1

    Gaiety returns to the Monterey Theater
    The Monterey Theater will be re-presenting a fabulous stage show this weekend. Written by the famed Anglo-American writer George Broadhurst, currently living near Santa Barbara, this show has made its way up the viewers’ ladder to become an inter- national dramatic success. This production endured six months in London and one year in New York. Now it has come to the Peninsula with much of its original cast intact, and is being offered in stores in the form of a paperback book. 2

    Auto protestors rally
    Auto mobile owners and other supporters will gather at Civic Hall to protest the tightening of state auto mobile regulations. Most voices will speak in favor of making unique auto tags individually. One protestor, who spoke only because of assurance of anonymity, said that most car owners enjoyed crafting “individual statements” to hang as identification on their auto mobiles. Others opposed the Sacramento discussions of a state system of toll roads. Most agreed that roads should be free for public use.
    Currently, one must obtain auto service for a broken car from an independent mechanic, often at considerable expense, but there is much enthusiasm for a system of service stations that would be available at intervals along roads, free or nearly free, financially supported by the state.
    A spokesperson from Salinas will keep the crowd posted on the progress of the new north-south inter-connecting state road.
    Refreshments will follow the meeting.

    Don’t step in the cow patties
    The few who are interested in rough and tumble rodeo charades in Salinas this summer rather than peaceful exchanges of wit and culture at the Grove’s Chautauqua, if any, are asked to contact the Salinas committee and sign up for competition or per- forming odd jobs in exchange for admission. Sponsors of the Rodeo are so excited, they may have trouble not wetting themselves while they portend this may become an international event. Unlikely! Especially since most people, like your editor, don’t care to dirty their shoes in cow dung. But if you like riding a bull and tossing a rope around the head of a hapless calf, be sure to sign up. 3

    Supreme president’s official visit
    The state meeting of the L.D.E.S. being held in Pacific Grove received quite a boost from the appearance of the Supreme President, H. I. Avila, from Merced. The president’s address was well received and proved popular among official delegates and honored guests alike. Avila told the assembly of the excellent recruiting not only in his area, but throughout the state as well.
    Avila announced that next year’s annual conference would be held in Hollister. He invited every district present to send delegates.

    Salinas firm to visit Grove
    The Salinas clothing firm, Ford and Sanborn, plans a Saturday whoop-de-la to be held at the Pavilion in Pacific Grove. Two wagon loads of clothing, a full line of manufacture’s suits and other clothing, both inner and outer, will be on display while special items will be worn by models parading up and down the pavilion. Prices of the clothing range between $10 and $50. You may need to take your own seat along. Be sure to carry your wallet. Saleans like to be moneygrubbing.

    Side track … tidbits from here and there

    • Mr. and Mrs. Nevers have gone to Placerville for a visit.
    • Colonel and Mrs. Stein plan to play with the Salvation Army band during its Pacific

      Grove concert.

    • The state may visit our beaches to make certain that everything is up to snuff.
    • Read “How Hobbies Spoil Hubbies.” This delightful book was written by a woman

      who knows and who points out a few snares to the married.

    • Curnow & Curnow, Grocers, offers you the greatest value, freshest produce, easiest

      credit, fastest delivery and rock-bottom prices. 4

    • The Union Company is offering Douglas fir, sugar pine, and redwood lumber: Slabbed, smoothed and stacked, Also: Millwork and all sorts of building materials.

    And your cost is …

    • The Pacific Grove Hotel, for the “rest” of your life. Off-season prices start at $1.50, nightly
    • Cloverleaf toilet cream. Sold at pharmacies for 35¢ a jar. Prepared by the Cloverleaf Company, Cloverleaf, California.
    • Ride the Western Pacific to Lake Tahoe and return. $22.35.

    Notes from the author…
    1 . The Index was becoming bearish about advertising, placing ads at discounted rates almost anywhere in the paper.
    2.  George H. Broardhurst became a renowned writer and playwright, primarily comedic, who also penned “Man of the Hour” and “The Last Chapter.” Originally from England, he came to the U.S. as a young man, wed, divorced in 1914, re-married in 1917, and lived on the California coast and in Florida much of the time. New York’s Broadhurst Theater is named after him.
    3.  Editor Brown either disliked Salinas and rodeoing or enjoyed poking fun. He is lavish with his Salinean anti-praise.
    4 . In an attempt to attract trade, Curnow and Curnow, Grocers, began offering easy credit. This would soon lead to the store’s downfall.

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